Operating environment

Operating environment

Filtration & Performance

The Filtration & Performance business area produces engine oil, fuel and air as well as industrial air filtration materials, glassfiber used in flooring applications and wind mill turbines, industrial nonwoven products for automotive, construction, textile and hygiene applications, and wallcover and poster papers.

Market review October-December 2016:

The overall market activity in filtration remained stable as growth in Europe and Asia was offset by a decline in North America. Demand for wallpaper and wallcover substrates showed signs of improvement in Europe and Russia. In China, demand for high-end wallcover products increased, while the overall market remained very competitive.

Demand for glass fiber tissue used in flooring applications remained solid in Europe and Russia, and continued to grow in North America. The market for reinforced glass fiber products for the wind energy industry was strong. The markets for various industrial nonwoven applications remained at a good level.


The Specialties business area produces food and beverage packaging materials, laboratory and life science as well as water filtration materials, tape products, and medical fabrics.  

Market review in October-December 2016:

The markets for food packaging materials were quite strong, particularly for cooking applications in Europe and North America. Demand for single-serve coffee products was solid, and good demand was noted for teabag materials in Asia, while it remained steady in North America and weaker in Europe. The markets for laboratory, life science and water filtration materials remained strong in all major geographical areas. In tape products, positive demand development was noted in North America and Europe, while Asian markets slowed down. Demand for medical fabrics improved in North America, while remained steady in Europe and weak in Asia. 

(Excerpt from the Financial Statemtens Release 2016.)

Updated January 27, 2017

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