Roadmap to become our customers' first choice.

With four strategic themes we are building a stronger, leaner and unified company, and they will help us to reach our long-term financial targets.

The strategic roadmap described below is based on the revised strategy announced in January 2016. Ahlstrom announced on November 7, 2016 its intent to merge with Munksjö Oyj. This strategic roadmap is in force until the expected completion of the merger at the beginning of April 2017. The merger prospectus, which includes pro forma financials and certain other information, is available on the Company's website

Commercial excellence

  • Introduction of new products and technologies to the market, optimized pricing and product mix, segmentation, improved customer satisfaction 

New lean operating model

  • Implementation of business unit specific strategies and operating models, reduction of organizational layers, further reduction in SG&A expenses

Organic growth via higher asset turnover

  • Filling capacity where we have made investments recently

Growth via new platforms

  • Our growth opportunities include compostable food and beverage packaging, medical diagnostics and water filtration

Updated: February 2017

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