Operational risks

Operational risks

Retaining key personnel has been identified as an important focus area for the Company. In 2016 possible effects of the announced merger with Munksjö on personnel was identified as a potential risk. The Company’s Human Resources management plan and annual Human Capital Review process support the management of key personnel risk, e.g. by providing tools for succession planning.

Environment, health and safety risks, such as natural disasters or accidents can cause interruptions in production and they can also result in injuries. To manage these risks, the Company has revised its insurance coverage which is monitored on an annual basis. Ahlstrom also has health and safety audit protocols and a saturator safety model in place. Health and safety audits are conducted on a regular basis.

Cyber risks and potential breaches in cyber security can lead to a loss of intellectual property and other sensitive data. The company has responded to the risk by conducting a separate cyber security assessment including e.g. penetration tests, firewall and proxy reviews, and application security reviews. Additionally the Company has an on-going campaign to increase employee awareness of cyber risks.

Deficiencies in IT contingency planning were identified as a risk in 2015. During 2016 the Company has enhanced its contingency planning and related service level agreements with its key IT service suppliers.

Updated: February 2017

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