Industrial air

Industrial air

Solutions to safely remove dust and particulate pollution in a wide range of environments

Our advanced filter media are designed to suit all efficiency targets capturing the air pollutants and contributing to a safer and cleaner work environment.

We have a wide range of technologies and solutions for Air Pollution Control applications: 

Ahlstrom StatGuard
™ - a family of products providing superior filtration performance.  This conductive media is designed for grounded installations to offer additional protection in environments with high risk of dust explosions.   

  • Engineered with conductive / dissipative properties
  • Preventing spark ignition in high-dust environments
  • Efficiency up-to F9
  • Safer working conditions for industrial environments


Ahlstrom NanoPulse™ filter media is optimized to remove high amounts of submicron size contaminants in reverse-pulse cleaning installations.

  • Good dust release for pulse-jet applications
  • Optimum combination of high efficiency and low pressure drop


Range of Cellulose / Synthetic fiber based media with superior level of filtration performance and outstanding mechanical properties

  • Good dust cake release for long filter life


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