Everything we do, we want to do safely.

Ahlstrom’s Safety performance slipped in 2016. The Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) - defined as number of lost time accidents per million man hours – rose to 4.6 compared to 2.7 in 2015. Among the 31 reporting sites there were 50 Total Recordable Accidents (TRI) in 2016 compared to 42 in 2015.

However, the cumulative numbers do not give a comprehensive picture of safety performance within the Group. Five reporting sites account for 50% of reported Recordable accidents. Three of the five sites also struggled in 2015. Nineteen plants had one or zero accidents.

The Americas region saw a severe decline in Safety performance. In 2016, there were 22 Recordable Accidents compared to 11 Recordable Accidents in 2015.

The primary focus in 2016 was implementation of Behavioral Based Safety practices. Beyond training and introductory launches in numerous plants, the challenge was to achieve broad-based participation to actively audit and discuss working methods and observations.

A new tool was added to support plants and identify HSE issues. Risk Assessments were performed at eight sites by an outside auditor. Risk assessments identify and rank hazards to assist in prioritizing corrective actions and resources.

Read more in our Annual Report.

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