Our fiber forming processes characteristically use a considerable amount of water. We recognize that scarcity of water is a growing threat in certain geographical areas. Therefore, we see proper stewardship of this valuable resource as a key operating goal. Significant water savings have been achieved at the plants by identifying and eliminating losses, and by recycling process water back into the plant, thus eliminating the need for fresh water.

Water used in plant production is reported monthly as a KPI (m3/ton). Plants work to identify usage reductions while maintaining product characteristics and purity in product requirements. Specific water consumption per gross ton decreased by 5.0% as capacity utilization rates increased at the sites where Ahlstrom has made investments in the recent years. All plants operated in compliance with their discharge permit range. Higher pollutant loads in effluents in 2016 were related to water treatment process problems at several sites. 

Water balance in 2016




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