Global trends steer our product offering

Demand for our product offering is supported by various global trends and market drivers. The needs of our customers are affected by end-user behavior, which challenges us to constantly develop and improve fiber-based material solutions.

Growing global population and scarcity of resources

Our solutions

  • Our production processes are energy and raw material efficient, minimizing environmental effects

Increased demand for greener and resource efficient materials

Our solutions

  • We are the global leader in filtration media that enable reduced emissions, cleaner air and efficient energy production 

Emerging needs in healthcare

Our solutions

  • We offer ease-of-use laboratory, life science and point-of-care medical testing and diagnostics and a comprehensive range of single-use medical 

Changes in demographics and urbanization

Our solutions

  • In addition to safe and innovative food and beverage packing materials, we are the leading provider of high-quality materials for construction, interiors, apparel and hygiene

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