Stakeholder engagement

Interaction with our external and internal stakeholders is a critical part of our operations and success. We invite anybody with an interest in what we do to enter into dialog with us and provide feedback. It is very important for us to continuously improve our way of working and enhance performance. The table below lists some of our most important stakeholders and how we engaged with them in 2016.




Topics & issues


  • Face-to-face meetings and other contacts
  • Joint product development projects
  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  • Website, e-newsletters, social media
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Commercial excellence: pricing and product mix optimization, segmentation, customer satisfaction
  • Focus on improving overall customer service
  • Sales tools training



  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Supplier performance  evaluations
  • Joint projects in supply chain, product development, cost reduction and sustainability 
  • Sharing of short and medium term supply needs
  • Supplier Relationship Management process continued
  • Working capital and supply security agreements


  • Performance management process
  • Unity discussions
  • Training programs
  • Behavioral Based Safety programs 
  • Intranet, videos, information sessions
  • Cooperation and dialogue with unions and employee representatives at local and Group level
  • Planned merger with Munksjö Oyj
  • New business unit structure
  • Change champions and team videos   
  • Collaboration between teams, leadership, clarity over roles and simplification and communication 

Shareholders,   Investors, Media


  • Full-year and interim financial reports
  • Quarterly result briefings
  • Stock exchange and press releases
  • Website
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Capital markets day
  • Seminars
  • Retail investor events
  • Background briefings
  • Financial performance
  • Planned merger with Munksjö Oyj
  • Revised strategy and operating model
  • New long-term financial targets
  • Business unit structure
  • Fluctuations in  raw material prices and currencies

Governments,  communities, NGOs & Academia

  • Cooperation with local authorities
  • Research and development projects
  • Recruitment fairs at schools and universities
  • Open house events
  • Public hearings
  • Clean water project in Africa in-cooperation with Aalto University and Walter Ahlström Foundation

Industry   Associations

  • FIBS
  • CleanTech Finland
  • Sustainability credentials of nonwoven products
  • Industry support


Read more on the key issus and our responses in our Annual Report

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