Consumers Desiring Sustainable Pet Food Packaging

Developing packaging that has a sustainable and positive end-of-life journey is a key focus area for Ahlstrom, and an area our business has continued to innovate and excel at for some time. In a recent report released by Euromonitor International, the need for sustainable pet food packaging is a focus area. Consumers are requesting this, and as the report cites, nearly half of global pet owners are reporting ‘they used more sustainable packaging alternatives in 2021 and were more likely to do so than non-pet-owners.’

PawPrint® Pet Food Packaging Papers offer sustainable alternatives for traditional flexible pet food packaging

Ahlstrom’s PawPrint® papers provide pet food brand owners functional and visually appealing pet food packaging.  These sustainable papers assist pet food manufactures achieve their sustainability metrics by eliminating the need for single-use plastic or other non-renewable substrates.

“The marketplace and consumer demand is continuing to move to more sustainable, recyclable and chemical-free options for all types of packaging, including pet food packaging,” said Travis Dahlke, V­ice President of Ahlstrom’s Food Packaging business. “Multiple layers go into making the optimum pet food package, and all of those layers have been developed and perfected over time by Ahlstrom.”

Several innovation factors are considered in developing such packaging, from grease-resistance and strength, to end-of-life sustainability goals. Ahlstrom has developed several support technologies featured in the PawPrint™ line of packaging papers, including proprietary and BPI® compostable certified grease-resistant FluoroFree® innerply and outerply papers.

“PawPrint’s various layers provide different attributes. While the inner liners offer outstanding grease resistance for this extremely demanding application, the outer liners are crack-fold and grease resistant while providing excellent printability and shelf-presence for the brand owner,” Dahlke further explained.

PawPrint® papers come in white, unbleached trulyNatural® papers, and can be converted into several types of end-use packaging structures such as pouches, pinch-bottoms, and SOS (block) bottoms. PawPrint’s supporting technologies can also provide multiple packaging solutions to other types of food applications.

“Ahlstrom has been manufacturing papers for pet food and multiwall packaging for decades,” Dahlke said. “Aligning with our ‘from Plastic to Purpose’ campaign and philosophy, we are best positioned to help brand owners transition to more sustainable, fiber-based packaging as opposed to existing non-renewable alternatives.”

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