Two Sides defends printed communication sustainability

Advertising campaign explains how paper conscious consumption may contribute to increase planted areas and reduce greenhouse effect.

The planting trees contribute for greenhouse effect reduction, the paper is intensely recycled and, when discarded properly, its environmental impact is minimum, as a biodegradable material. Electronic equipment, for example, are hard recycling and disposal - and the computer centers consume huge electric power, indirectly being responsible for a large amount of CO2 emission.

In other words, there is no evidence that electronic media would be better to the environment. Nevertheless, many Corporations still choose for changing printed communication to the electronic medias, with the “saving trees” intention, but it is not what truly happens.

Aiming for fighting against false arguments like this, Two Sides was created in England, in 2008, and became the main global campaign on socio-environmental sustainability dissemination for printed communication. Reaching 19 countries, came to Brazil in 2014 and count on 36 members - Ahlstrom-Munksjö is one of them.

Two Sides´ main purpose is clarifying, to whom it may concern, that the paper is derived from renewable sources and it is so far away of causing deforestation. The conscious consumption increases wooded areas. Is this new to you? Get to know some other facts:

  • All around the world, only 11% of wood extraction is directed for pulp and paper production (FAOSTAT, 2011);
  • In several countries, including Brazil, this extraction comes only from planted forests;
  • In Brazil, there are around 7.8 million hectares from planted forests; under 1% of national territory, in which only 2.6 million are dedicated to pulp and paper;
  • In other countries, the correct native forest handling has ensured its growth. In Europe, for example, the forests that supply wood for paper manufacturing, as well as other products, have been growing 44.000 km2 in the last ten years. This is more that 1.500 soccer field area, each day.

However, it is worth highlighting that the electronic media brings many benefits and adds to the traditional ones, including the printed one, ensuring an effective communication. The Two Sides intention is not to fight against new technologies. It is to provide the consumers all available choices, from accurate information.

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