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Selecting the most appropriate Sterile Barrier System (SBS) for use in the Central Sterilization Service Department (CSSD) is a challenging responsibility and plays a key role in infection prevention and patient safety.

Ahlstrom Reliance® single-use sterilization wraps help to prevent microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores) from easily gaining access to the tray content, allow sterilization, provide physical protection, maintain sterility up to the point of use and allow aseptic presentation.

Our Reliance® product range is comprised of various types of fabric, manufactured from 100% cellulose (crepe paper), cellulose + synthetic fibers (wetlaid nonwoven) and 100% synthetic fibers (SMS).

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Introducing Reliance® Fusion:

Our best technologies combined for the next-generation of SBS


We’ve taken our best technologies and combined them into our new Reliance® Fusion, a next-generation sterilization wrap that incorporates the best properties of cellulose-based and polypropylene-based materials.

The Reliance® Fusion portfolio consists of a simpler two-model simultaneous sterilization wrap system. The two basis weight options are capable of replacing all six traditional Reliance® Solo type models while offering superior pre-vacuum steam drying time performance under high tray weight conditions.

Limited regional availability. Reliance® Fusion is currently pending 510(k) and not available for sale within the United States at this time. Contact us to learn more:



Our offering at a glance

Reliance® crepe paper

Crepe paper for sterilization wrap, tray liner and overwrap made with more than 97% of cellulosic fibers and wet strength agents. This technology has excellent barrier properties with moisture absorption capacity.

Reliance® crepe paper meets all requirements for safe and reliable wrapping, combining excellent sterility maintenance and bacterial barrier. The different colors and basis weights can accommodate diverse sterile barrier systems (SBS) requirements.

  • Best in Class bacterial barrier with BFE >99% in double-layer (BFE: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency as per ASTM F2101 – 19)
  • Helps to prevent wet-packs thanks to cellulosic material
  • Cost-effective wrapping solution
Reliance® wetlaid nonwoven

The wetlaid nonwoven technology for Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS) is ideal for the packaging of medical devices requiring higher resistance, thanks to its composition of cellulose and synthetic fibers. The softer and stronger cellulose-based material provides physical protection to trays, maintaining surgical instruments’ sterility up to the point of use.

Reliance® wetlaid nonwovens, composed of cellulose, synthetic binder and PET fibers, create a tortuous path for excellent sterility maintenance. Thanks to its composition, this technology is softer and stronger, allowing to better meet end users’ requirements.

Reliance® wetlaid nonwovens, available in two colors and three basis weights, are micrexed for increased drapeability and comfort.

  • Helps to prevent wet-packs thanks to cellulosic material
  • Soft and strong thanks to synthetic fibers and binders
  • Low lint according to ISO 9073-10 : 2003
Reliance® SMS

SMS is composed of three meltblown layers of microscopic fibers, delivering a tortuous path for consistent bacteriological barrier and sterility maintenance. This technology is strong and durable, with low lint and higher barrier.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Reliance® SMS (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond) is 100% polypropylene and treated to resist charge build-up. It does not contain cellulose or synthetic binder and its composition makes this technology especially suitable for the most demanding uses, both for inner and outer wraps.

Reliance® SMS is available in two colors and six basis weights to satisfy different user requirements.

  • Liquid repellent and antistatic according to ISO 811 : 2018 and IST 40.2
  • High strength according to ISO 1924-2 : 2008, ISO 1974 : 2012 and ISO 2758 : 2014 to avoid rips, tears or punctures
  • Drapeability according to ISO 9073-9 : 2008
Reliance® Solo

Bonded sterile barrier system solutions for easy to use, simultaneous wrapping. Like sequential wrapping, the two bonded SMS sheets create a tortuous path delivering aseptic presentation of medical instruments at the point of use

Reliance® Solo non-sequential wrapping system offers flexible and simplified wrapping.

The two bonded SMS sheets help prevent microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores) from easily gaining access to the tray content and the two colors allow for easy identification of damage from transport and storage, playing a key role in infection prevention and patient safety.

Lotcode is printed on every application.

  • Simplified wrapping process
  • Simultaneous aseptic unwrapping in the operating room
  • High strength according to ISO 1924-2 : 2008, ISO 1974 : 2012 and ISO 2758 : 2014 to avoid rips, tears or punctures
  • Lotcode printed on every application
Reliance® Tandem

Interleaved sterile barrier system solutions consisting of one sheet for inner wrap and a second sheet for outer wrap. The combination of different colors and technologies provides the optimal combination for sequential wrapping, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Reliance® Tandem combines different technologies and grammages to provide the optimal solution for sequential wrapping. Cellulose, featuring high moisture absorption, can be combined with SMS for improved strength.

Crepe paper, wetlaid and SMS can be interleaved with different colors to ensure the benefits associated to visual differentiation.

  • Inner and outer wraps of different colors for easier visual differentiation
  • Combination of different technologies for improved performance
  • Easier identification of damages thanks to the superposition of the two colored layers