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High performance medical fabrics

As experts in barrier protection our nonwoven medical fabrics are used to make surgical gowns and drapes, pleated face masks and protective apparel.

These high performing medical fabrics are used around the world in surgical and clinical environments to protect patients, healthcare and frontline workers against viruses, bacteria and fluids.

  • ViroS─ôl™ Breathable Viral Barrier (BVB) fabric is constructed to be impervious, breathable and comfortable. The specially formulated design provides the opportunity to create robust seam seals for the highly critical areas of a surgical gown  
  • PureArmor® BVB protective apparel fabric is specifically developed for environments sensitive to particle contamination like a laboratory, with its low lint and particle shedding. It’s strong, soft, highly breathable and provides an excellent barrier 
  • TrustShield™ product portfolio has single-use medical fabrics that are laser resistant, protect against chemical permeation, biological hazards and are highly absorbent 
  • TenderGuard™, a unique portfolio of remarkably soft, comfortable, and protective medical fabrics.  Our proprietary technology produces super soft fabrics used to make a face masks that are extremely comfortable for the wearer
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Sterilization wraps

Our range of sterilization wraps is developed to maintain sterility of surgical instruments until the point-of-use, protecting patients' safety.

Our Reliance® range of rolled and sheeted fabrics can be used for sterilization wraps, packaging systems and absorbent tray liners.

  • Reliance® Fusion, our next-generation sterilization wrap 
  • Crepe, wetlaid and SMS fabrics in a variety of colors and basis weights 
  • Reliance® Tandem interleaved solutions combine different technologies, each offering specialized performance properties for wrapping. The use of two colors clearly differentiates between the two layers during transport, storage and in the operating room allowing damage to be easily seen
  • Reliance® Solo single-step wrapping solutions offer two bonded sheets of SMS for faster wrapping and unwrapping without compromising sterility and aseptic opening
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Components for rapid test kits

Components used in rapid test kits for fast detection of medical conditions

Lateral flow assays provide rapid diagnosis for a wide variety of medical conditions. Our ability and experience in the treatment of high-performance material brought a crucial contribution to the development of our solutions for rapid test kits and diagnostic device components.

We offer a wide range of high-quality absorbent filtration media, sample pads, next-generation conjugate pads, and plasma separation media, specifically designed for use in flow-through and lateral flow assays, as well as dipstick devices.

The main fields of application include:

  • Infectious disease screening
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Drug abuse monitoring
  • Animal screening
  • Food and beverage testing
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Specimen Collection Cards

Efficient and convenient screening of infectious diseases, human identification and genetic mapping

Our portfolio offers simple, cost-effective and reliable collection, transportation and storage of biosamples at ambient temperature. Minimal volumes for analysis, less equipment required and basic skills, all features which make our cards ideal to be used in any kind of environment and circumstances.

Main fields of application include:

  • Screening of infectious diseases - thanks to ambient transport through conventional mail, our specimen collection cards improve access to vulnerable patient groups living in non-urban areas and ensure better therapy monitoring. Our cards are widely employed in HIV screening programs in Africa, as an example
  • Newborn screening programs - testing all babies in their first days of life for certain disorders and conditions that can hinder their normal development
  • Human Identification – solutions widely employed in the forensics market for human genetics and DNA identification
  • Biobanking - The use of our specific treated fiber-based solutions offers a novel approach to biosamples storage and represents an ideal resource for large biobanking population studies
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Laboratory filtration

Filter media for environmental control, sample preparation and laboratory applications

We supply a wide range of filtration and separation media to laboratories worldwide, used for laboratory analysis, sample preparation and specialized applications. Our product portfolio for includes solutions for macrofiltration, such as qualitative and quantitative filters, as well as microfiltration, syringe filters and membrane filters for sample preparation and testing purposes.

  • Glass and Quartz Microfiber Filters are employed in various environmental control applications such as water and air monitoring
  • Qualitative and quantitative filter papers employed in sample preparation, laboratory applications and analysis
  • Microfiltration membranes and syringe filters are specifically manufactured according to the highest quality standards and are broadly employed in laboratory microfiltration applications
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