BCI 2024 CONVENTION + POWER MART EXPO brings together key players on the battery industry during April 21-24, 2024.  It will be an electrifying experience with stimulating speakers, dynamic panel discussions, exciting industry forecasts, exhibition and numerous networking opportunities.    

POWER MART EXPO is a two day event on April 22-23 and focusing on innovation.  Ahlstrom's energy storage team will be at the Expo and happy to further discuss the benefits of Ahlstrom FortiCell® LAB range of products. 

Ahlstrom FortiCell® LAB portfolio, specifically designed for Lead Acid Batteries, includes solutions for Film Separator Reinforcement, Pasting Materials and AGM Media.   

The BCI 2024 Convention and Expo takes place at Ford Lauderdale, Florida.   See you at the booth #210



Link to BCI event: https://convention.batterycouncil.org/