The Power of Parchment

The Power of Parchment



The Genuine Vegetable Parchment Technology supports the most demanding and sensitive usages in various industrial applications.

From innovation to production to consumer applications; discover where the Power of Parchment is harnessed today and its main advantages.


From Innovation to Production to Consumer applications: Discover the Power of Parchment

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What is Genuine Vegetable Parchment?


  • Genuine Vegetable Parchment (GVP) is a fiber-based material produced in our two French manufacturing facilities thanks to longstanding know-how and expertise. The proprietary process gives GVP many natural attributes including exceptional grease resistance, wet strength and a clean surface: no fibers are left on it in a mono material structure


  • The unique Genuine Vegetable Parchment Technology supports even the most demanding and sensitive usages: this is the Power of Parchment


Harnessing Parchment's Power in Industrial applications


Whether used as a lamination processing aid for the PCB industry, or in aircraft cabin panels and rubber belts production, Parchment can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications where its unique capabilities make a sustainable difference. Find out more below:



Some of our tailored ranges -made for the industry- with Parchment:


  • In Textile Tube coverings, the wide range of bleed-free, vibrant colors provides easy identification of the yarn type, and  the high internal bond, grease resistance allow trouble-free spinning process and optimal performance. More details here


  • In Furniture Laminate production; our Parchment based substrate is used as the backside of a laminate and plays a functional role in the manufacturing of Continuous Pressure or High-Pressure Laminates (CPL & HPL) to produce the thinnest laminates. More details here


  • In the Smartcard prelaminated Inlay industry, using a Parchment processing aid prevents laminates from sticking to the plates, protects the chip and avoids any electrical or mechanical damage after lamination. In this application, Parchment is an exceptional replacement for the plastic films traditionally used, therefore also bringing much needed sustainability to those markets. More details here


  • In Health & Beauty applications; from wound care interleaving to push up tubes’ inner layers as well as laboratory products interleaving; Health-Gard® protects sensitive products effectively. More details here


  • Parchment is used in a wide range of Industrial Release applications: from aircraft cabin panels to rubber belt production to prepreg production where resin fibers are conveyed onto Parchment before being pressed. More details here


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