Mount Holly Springs, PA


At Ahlstrom-Munksjö we make smart solutions out of fiber. We add value by combining fibers with our advanced technology and innovative and entrepreneurial culture, constantly exploring novel materials and new applications. Sustainability, innovation and quality are central in all our solutions, reaching customers from Pennsylvania to the rest of the world.

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Our support to the local community


Our values and commitment go beyond our daily work at the plant: we take our spirit outside of the work environment, in support to the local community.

Fostering gender equality by supporting Girl Power in the USA!

The YWCA is an organization empowering tomorrow's female leaders and focuses on eliminating racism while empowering women and children through diversity and inclusion programs.

With this donation, Ahlstrom-Munksjö is supporting the Girl Power! L.E.A.D.S (lead, empower, advocate, develop, serve) leadership program – designed for school girls in the local area. The program focuses on character development and effective teamwork in order to prepare girls to become change agents in their communities.

"The youth of today are the future of tomorrow! The Carlisle YWCA offers extraordinary programs designed to eliminate racism, social and economic injustice barriers by empowering women and children of all ethnicities through leadership and development programs.  In the U.S., about half of the workforce is female but unfortunately only approximately one-third of women are in leadership positions. Sponsoring programs like Girl Power! L.E.A.D.S. through the Carlisle YWCA aims to close that gap."  says Karen Volz, HR Manager based in Mount Holly Springs.


Educating young students at local elementary school

Communicating the Ahlstrom-Munksjö mission and values among citizens around our plants is key in promoting our everyday actions and way of working. This is especially valuable when we can clearly demonstrate the impact that us, as employees, and our products can have on the community.

The staff from our plant in Mount Holly Springs took part to the “Career Day” at Mount Holly Springs Elementary School, located nearby the facility. The aim of the initiative was to instruct the young students, explaining what we do, what is the use of our products and how they affect the community.

Other than learning about our company and way of working, the kids had the opportunity to witness our products “in action”. Disruptor® media for water purification was chosen as the star attraction for a demonstration that truly caught the attention of the young audience. The ability of Disruptor® to turn “dirty” water to clean drinkable water was the most talked about among students from the 8 classes that witnessed the experiment. A short lesson to transmit to the younger generation how Ahlstrom-Munksjö products can affect and improve lives and impact the world positively.     


Bringing a smile to kids and adults alike

Each year, right before Christmas, the team at Ahlstrom-Munksjö supports children and families of the local community in need with different donations.

Christmas gifts are wrapped and distributed to young kids and the families are brought some relief with food baskets.




Mount Holly Springs plant: quick facts 

Our fiber-based solutions: made in America, serving customers globally


Ahlstrom-Munksjö is recognized worldwide as a leading custom manufacturer and converter. At our plant in Mount Holly Springs we manufacture specialized media addressed to various end uses and applications. 

Over a century in the paper making industry


Our facility in Mount Holly Springs has over a hundred years of history in paper making. 

When it all began


The Pennsylvania plant in Mount Holly Springs was built in 1856 as Mount Holly Paper Company Mill, one of four paper mills in the region at the time.

The plant acquisition by Ahlstrom in 1989 resulted in major investments in water purity and capacity increase due to a new facility on Butler Street.

Today the operations in our Mount Holly Springs site continue in the two facilities in the original Yates street (paper machine and R&D) and Butler street building (converting facilities and office for functions such as sales, HR, finance).