Ahlstrom GenSaver™ 2.0 specimen collection cards

Simple collection of biological samples, long-term preservation of DNA, high-quality genetic profiles.

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Ahlstrom GenSaver™ 2.0 and GenSaver™ Color 2.0 cards are designed for the collection, transport and storage at ambient temperature of DNA from biological fluids.

The fiber-based material of these cards is made of pure absorbent fibers, impregnated with a proprietary chemical formulation intended to prevent environmentally induced degradation for long-term ambient preservation of DNA.

GenSaver™ 2.0 is suitable for the collection of blood samples, while GenSaver™ Color 2.0 is used for the collection of colorless biosamples, such as saliva, buccal cells and urine.


Why choose GenSaver™ 2.0?

Long-term preservation of DNA

The chemical treatment of our cards allows long-term ambient protection of DNA from dried matrix spots and improved qualitative and quantitative DNA recovery.


High-quality NGS data

DNA preserved on our cards can be used even after 20 years of ambient storage to generate high-quality next-generation sequencing data.


ISO 18385 compliance

Our cards are manufactured in accordance with the world’s first international standard for forensic consumables, minimizing the risk of human DNA contamination.


We meet your needs

Our cards are customizable and can be tailored to fully accommodate your biological fluids sampling needs.

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Key markets and applications

Forensic Sciences


The continuous progress of forensic investigation technologies requires the development of less invasive procedures for screening and sampling of small volumes. DBS technology has become the preferred method for DNA samples collection for human genetics and forensic DNA identification.

The reduced size of DBS allows easy storage of biosamples at ambient temperature, a key factor for forensic laboratories which typically handle a significant amount of samples simultaneously.

GenSaver™ 2.0, offering long-term ambient DNA preservation, not only impacts the way samples are collected, transported and stored, but also allows analysis from samples that might otherwise remain untested.


To provide laboratories worldwide confidence in our products and in the products we use, our GenSaver™ 2.0 cards are manufactured in accordance to ISO 18385: 2016. Click on the button below to learn more!


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Precision Medicine


DBS has gained increasing attention recently with its growing importance in precision medicine. Biological samples collected and stored in biobanks are a significant resource of data with huge research potential for finding markers used in the early detection of diseases that are still curable.

Today, test tubes with large volumes of blood or plasma are kept in energy-consuming freezers.

The use of GenSaver™ 2.0 collection cards offers a novel approach to biosamples storage. It also represents an ideal resource for large biobanking population studies of patients in areas that lack appropriate infrastructure for processing blood and a cold chain for the transportation and storage of blood products.


GenSwab™ device is a simple yet efficient means to collect, preserve, and transport buccal samples suitable for downstream genomic analyses without compromising DNA yield or integrity. Click on the button below to read our white paper!

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Genotyping applications are extremely valuable for genetic and parental identification in order to manage selective breeding efforts, identify markers linked to desirable traits, define pedigree and track farm of origin.

We are dedicated to advance the future of agrigenomics through innovative products, collaborations, and interaction with the community.

Our flexible, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for samples collection and automated high throughput processing help researchers and breeders in the challenging task of feeding
the population with healthier crops and livestock.


Click on the button below to learn more about the performance of GenSaver™ 2.0 for STR amplification and sequencing.

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Animal Screening


Accurate diagnostic tests are essential to confirm the health status of animals, to identify pathogens, and for early detection of health conditions, which facilitates the safe trade in animals and animal products.

GenSaver™ 2.0 96 spots allows simple and reliable collection, shipment and storage of biological samples at veterinary facilities, playing a fundamental role in the diagnostics process.


This 96-well card is suitable for any application requiring repetitive dispensing in the clinical, hospital, biological, chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, veterinary and forensic fields. Click on the button below to find our more!

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