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In laboratories, we are known for providing superior service, reliability, and high-quality products. We are recognized worldwide as a leading custom manufacturer and converter of filtration, absorbent and specialized web materials.

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High-purity qualitative and quantitative filter paper covering a wide range of laboratory applications, binder-free glass and quartz microfiber filters dedicated to environmental analyses.

Ahlstrom qualitative grades of filter paper are recommended for use in analytical methods which determine or identify particulate constituents of a mixture irrespective of the amount present. These filters are often used in routine separation work that still requires high purity and consistent performance.

We manufacture a series of extremely high purity, acid washed quantitative filter papers, from top quality cotton linters using ultra-pure, deionized water and further treated with dilute acid to remove any remaining organic and inorganic impurities.

We offer a full range of glass micro-fiber filters manufactured from 100% pure borosilicate glass. Because of their intrinsic properties, these filters have wide applications in many areas of laboratory analysis, especially when fine filtration and high loading capacity is required. Glass micro-fiber filters are also found in the filtration of hot gases and liquids, and in pre-filtration.

Ahlstrom micro-quartz filters represent a complete offer for airborne particulate monitoring in high temperatures and aggressive atmospheres or when the lowest level of Trace Elements Analysis is required. These extremely pure 100% quartz filters have a temperature stability up to 900°C.

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Ahlstrom offers a premium range of membrane filters and syringe filters to accommodate a variety of sample matrices for sample preparation and testing purpose.

Our Relia™ branded items are well-known as high-quality, extremely pure and reliable items for microfiltration. They are produced to meet the highest standards in analytical science and quality control.

The range includes ReliaDisc™ membrane filters and ReliaPrep™ syringe filters. These two product families comprise a limited choice of premium products, the most important references for all demanding applications.

In addition to these two product ranges, we bring innovative solutions on the market for the most demanding applications, such as the high-capacity ReliaMAX™ syringe filters.


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Specialty Products

We offer specialty products for the scientific industry. Many of these products were designed in collaboration with researchers doing developments, in order to provide the necessary performance characteristics to our customers.

Ahlstrom offers a dedicated range of products manufactured with rigorous quality standards to be used for disc diffusion antibiotic susceptibility testing, ensuring reproducibility and minimal variability. Thanks to their features, our specialized and customized absorbent papers used in cytocentrifuge systems are perfectly suitable to absorb any residual fluid during the centrifugation process.

We offer a wide range of high-quality pH Indicator Papers for rapid and easy determination of pH and other specific conditions in solutions.

Ahlstrom LabSorb coated paper is a double-layered surface protection that protects benches and working areas from spilled chemicals, corrosive materials, as well as toxic, infectious or radioactive substances.

Ahlstrom offers non-toxic papers for use in the seed industry and agricultural research laboratories. Seed testing papers are made of cotton linters and/or pure cellulose; they do not contain any substances that could influence seeding growth.

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