Discover our new Ahlstrom-Munksjö MasterTape™ Pack Green

Discover our new Ahlstrom-Munksjö MasterTape™ Pack Green

Our MasterTape™ Pack Green range is designed for sustainable pressure sensitive adhesive tape applications. Repulpable and recyclable backing with high biobased content to minimize its environmental impact, it fits perfectly for light and medium duty packaging.



Perfect fit for sustainable fiber-based pressure sensitive packaging tape applications

Ahlstrom-Munksjö is a key player in the packaging tape industry and is currently providing tape backing solutions for water-activated and pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. We are strongly dedicated in developing innovative fiber-based materials that are addressing mega trends like e-commerce and the global need for more sustainable packaging solutions.

Thanks to our new capabilities, we expanded our product range for PSA tape backings with our new MasterTape™ Pack Green, available in different basis weights as saturated or already release coated with different levels of release, thus making it ready for adhesive coating. In order to further increase our environmental footprint, it comes with higher bio-based contents and use of renewable fibers. We are also showing effective product circularity through repulpable and recyclable tape designs, which in the end, makes it quite unique in meeting our customer needs. 

MasterTape™ Pack Green at a Glance

Sustainable at the core

Sustainability criterias

  • FSC® certified fibers
  • Repulpable and Recyclable according to EN13430 Guidelines
  • High biobased contents - from 85 to 95%
  • Use of renewables and greener saturants
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratios

We source our wood fiber from sustainably-managed forests, which means that their regenerative capacity and biological diversity is maintained. All of Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s pulp mills and pulp suppliers are certified according to FSC®.​

Our approach to sustainability is based on minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations and products. We use the principles of «Green Chemistry», Eco-Design and life cycle assessments in our product development, so we can determine the impacts our products and processes have on the environment and reduce them. 

Tailormade Solutions

It's all about compliance

Thanks to our capabilities, we propose online saturation and release coating with different release systems for easy, medium and tight levels. Our R&D department works directly with customers to select the right chemistry for tailor-made solutions. Colors can be proposed upon request.

Performance is key

Optimum trade-off performance/sustainability/cost

  • Sustainable fiber-based packaging tape alternative to plastic
  • Cost effective solution with on-line saturation and release coating steps
  • Very good internal bond and mechanical properties to ensure shock resistant tapes
  • Ready-to-coat construction suitable for most adhesive systems
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratios

Consumers want products to be more environmentally sensitive but do not expect to lose on the performance side. They expect companies like ours to come up with new alternatives, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. MasterTape™ Pack Green is the perfect trade-off between sustainability, performance, and cost. Our latest moves forward regarding saturation and release coating developments enable us now to shorten the global supply chain of the backing while providing high process efficiency.

Manufacturing Excellence

Certifications and regulations

Applications for MasterTape™ Pack

Our MasterTape™ Pack Product Range


MasterTape™ Platforms: A Strong Global Presence

Formerly based in Pont-Audemer, France and Longkou, China, we strengthened our position in Europe with unique new capabilities for saturation and release coated products, located in Arches, France. ​With our recent acquisitions, we now have a strong presence in the Americas with our Kaukauna and Mosinee plants in Wisconsin, USA and Caieras plant in Brazil.

"ƒrom Plastic to Purpose": Pillars for developing renewable packaging options

We are encouraging global industry stakeholders to consider fiber and paper-based alternatives where plastic and non-renewable materials are used today. We have developed a unique portfolio of products that would fit the purposes of multiple packaging tape applications.

Learn how our tape products are contributing to the reduction of plastics and non-renewable substrates by visiting our “from Plastic to Purpose” page : from Plastic to Purpose.