Make your packaging more fiber-based with Ahlstrom's MasterTape® Pack Green

Make your packaging more fiber-based with Ahlstrom's MasterTape® Pack Green


Today, the global packaging tape market exceeds 30 billion square meters, primarily dominated by plastic tapes accounting for 90%. Amid the rise of e-commerce, paper tapes offer a promising path toward a plastic-free packaging future.

A step towards meeting the growing market demand, we at Ahlstrom are expanding our product range for PSA tape backings with MasterTape® Pack Green products, which are fiber-based tape backings that perfectly fit light, medium and heavy-duty carton sealing applications. MasterTape® Pack Green products are available in different basis weights, saturated or saturated with a release coating, ideally a more efficient and cost-effective option for Tape Manufacturers.

Perfect fit for sustainable fiber-based pressure sensitive packaging tape applications


Ahlstrom is a key player in the packaging tape industry and is currently providing tape backing solutions for water-activated and pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. We are strongly dedicated to developing innovative fiber-based materials that are addressing the growing demand for more sustainable packaging for e-commerce.

Various benefits - All in one

  • Positive end of life possibilities

    as product is repulpable and recyclable, as well as having minimum 85% of biobased contents

  • Customization upon request

    directly with our R&D department for the most suitable solutions

  • Optimal balance

    of performance, sustainability, cost for customers to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and accelerate time to market

Sustainability as the starting point for innovation

Our tape backings offer high biobased content while addressing the end-of-life concern with a high recyclability performance to re-process fibers into new paper.

  • FSC® certified fibers
  • Recyclable according to EN13430 Guidelines - higher than 85%
  • High biobased contents - certification pending

We source our wood fibers from sustainably-managed forests, meaning that their regenerative capacity and biological diversity are maintained.

Our approach to sustainability is based on minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and products. We apply the principles of Eco-Design and consider life cycle assessments in our product development, so we can determine the impacts our products and processes have on the environment and reduce them. 

Tailormade solutions

Thanks to our asset capabilities, we offer on-line saturation and release coating with different release systems suitable for most types of adhesive systems. Our R&D department works directly with our customers to select the right chemistry for tailor-made solutions. Colors can be provided upon request.

Consumers want products to be more environmentally sensitive but do not expect to lose quality on the performance side. They expect companies like ours to come up with new alternatives and accelerate time to market, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

  • Fiber-based packaging tape alternative to plastic
  • On-line saturation and release coating
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratios and very good internal bond
  • Thanks to the silicone-free release coat, MasterTape® Pack Green SRC Tight is printable.

A strong global presence to support your transformation

At many of our Ahlstrom production sites, we adhere to a range of internationally recognized, third-party audited standards that support our sustainability progress. Certification topics include quality, environmental, health and safety and energy management systems, responsible forestry practices in supply chains, and standards for medical devices and food products.