Medical Product Spotlight Series

An in-depth look into our nonwoven product portfolio.



Medical Product Spotlight Series

An in-depth look into our nonwoven product portfolio.

Now more than ever we know how crucial it is to wear protective apparel especially in this time of crisis with a global pandemic and threat of COVID-19 exposure.  

Healthcare workers rely on the use of PPE to protect themselves against infectious microorganisms, blood and bodily fluids.  Without impervious protection there is a higher risk to exposure.

Over the next several months our Medical team will focus on a nonwoven product from our personal protective apparel portfolio to provide an in-depth look of the product’s features and benefits.  Visit this page for weekly postings of educational and technical content as well as videos, podcasts and more. 

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Infection control matters

Infection control matters especially in high risk surgeries, where there is the possibility to come into contact with bodily fluids. There are many risks to the patient and health care workers such as:

  • Bacteria transfers from the surgical staffs’ skin to the air
  • Microorganisms will always be present on or in the human skin, even after conducting strict hygienic and surgical scrubbing procedures
  • Risk of contact to viruses, bacteria and fluids.

Surgical gowns are considered one of the most important protective items during surgical procedures. They play an essential role in maintaining sterile conditions by blocking the transfer of harmful microorganisms and chemicals to and from the patient, and reducing the transfer of bacteria.

Learn more here about why wearing the right protective apparel like surgical gowns will help eliminate risks and protect the patient and health care worker.

Experts in barrier protection

ViroSēl™ is our high performing BVB fabric that is designed to protect you in the most critical surgical environments.  The specially formulated fabric provides the opportunity to create robust seam seals for the highly critical areas of a surgical gown. 

ViroSēl™ passes rigorous industry standards that are used to measure the ability of the fabric to protect against blood borne pathogens.

Achieving both protection and comfort is not easy to do together, but, the construction of ViroSēl™ makes it possible. 

Check out the video below to learn how Ahlstrom-Munksjö does it. 

ViroSēl Video

Protection doesn't have to be uncomfortable

Surgical gown fabrics have different levels of protection, breathability, and comfort. Some sacrifice comfort to provide protection. Some keep you comfortable but don’t offer a high level of protection.

At Ahlstrom-Munksjö, we say why settle for one when you can have both!

ViroSēl™, our BVB fabric is constructed with a breathable monolithic film membrane making it impervious to liquids, viruses, and bacteria. The chemical composition of the film itself allows moisture vapor to pass through it, keeping surgical staff cool and dry.

Watch the video illustration to see how ViroSēl™ provides impervious protection and comfort, something that is difficult to achieve together. 

MVTR illustration

ViroSēl™ BVB fabric eliminates the risk of strikethrough

"Strikethrough” is a term used to describe the unintended penetration of a fluid, liquid, blood, or body fluid and the subsequent ability for the microorganisms in those fluids to get through the surgical gown and onto the skin of the wearer.

Healthcare workers rely on the ability of the surgical gown they are wearing to protect themselves and their patients from potential exposure to infectious disease.  They also rely on the certainty that the surgical gown they are wearing is going to do and perform as it says it will do.

Learn more about how ViroSēl™ BVB fabric eliminates the risk of strikethrough keeping health care workers and patients safe.  Wathc the illustration below. 

Strikethrough illustration

Protection and comfort are difficult to achieve together but Ahlstrom-Munksjö is able to do so through the construction of our trilaminate fabric called ViroSēl™.  

Listen to our podcast to learn how our unique technology provides protection as its impervious, and comfort because its highly breathable.

ViroSēl™ podcast