Shaping the future of diagnostics

Shaping the future of diagnostics


Discover our components for rapid diagnostic kits


We offer a wide range of high quality materials for the manufacture of lateral flow, flow-through, and dipstick style devices.


Our range of sample, conjugate and absorbent pads represent a rapid, cost-effective, easy-to-use and close-to-the-patient solution for achieving reliable and consistent results.


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Driving force for rapid diagnostic test


Lateral flow assays provide rapid diagnosis for a wide variety of medical conditions.

The growing range of rapid tests offers incredible advantages: tests can be performed by patients in resource-limited settings, the diagnosis is obtained within minutes, results are highly reliable and the cost is affordable.


Main fields of application include:


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Sample pads

We offer a wide range of fibers composition material to provide wide compatibility and efficient filtration of samples.

Our sample pads ensure consistent absorbency and good wicking rate to reach an uniform distribution of the analyte onto the conjugate pad.

Our CytoSep® plasma separation pads are designed to quickly separate diverse volumes of whole blood without hemolysis to achieve increased line sensitivity.


Conjugate pads

As a key component to a lateral flow assay, the conjugate release pad must perform reliably and consistently.

Our conjugate pads have been developed for reproducible and high level of conjugate release.

Their good uniformity leads to improved coefficient of variability and high performance consistency between assays. Moreover, our materials exhibit reinforced mechanical properties for easy reel to reel treatment.


Absorbent pads

Ahlstrom-Munksjö absorbent pads offer consistent absorbency for test reproducibility.

Our absorbent pads made of a mix of cotton and glass fibers allow quick clearing of the membrane by absorbing higher volumes of liquid and access the read-out in a shorter time.



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