Innovation cultivation method


The growth of a tree represents nature at its best – creating something magnificent. A tree grows much like an idea... the more it is nurtured, the stronger it becomes.


From Roots to Results, innovation is blossomed.

Roots to Results

Roots to Results is the name of our four-step innovation cultivation method.

The four stages of our innovation cultivation

Our Roots to Results innovation cultivation method is built upon four consecutive pillars:

  • Scoping and Exploration: Planting the Seed
  • Development & Conceptualization: Imagination coming to life
  • Innovation: From theory to actuality - Cultivation
  • Commercialization: Blossoming and budding fruit
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What you can expect from this process

To start an innovation cultivation with us, simply contact your sales representative. If you do not have one, please email us at this email address.

Depending on the scope of your innovation challenge, we might organize an in-person session in our Synergy room (see below) or a virtual session with our pluridisciplinary team to jumpstart the innovation cultivation.