Technical Business - a Solutions Provider

Technical Business - a Solutions Provider

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s Technical Business specializes in working with our customers to provide innovative solutions for use in an extensive range of end-use applications within their respective markets.

From versatile papers designed to withstand demanding building and construction applications, to highly complex applications such as technical glass interleave, Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s technical team provides diverse solutions for their customers’ products based on their specific needs.

“We develop our products through unique collaborative innovation opportunities with our customers,” explained Zack Leimkuehler, Vice President of the Technical Business. “Our product categories encompass a wide variety of end-use applications focused mainly on industrial markets.”

All products are currently produced in the United States with access to a global supply chain and R&D capabilities.

Product categories include:

•       Insu-Gard® Building & Construction Papers

•       Resin-Gard® Saturating Base

•       Glass-Gard™ Prime Technical Glass Interleave

•       Glass-Gard™ Glass Interleave

•       Palettera® Colored Papers

•       Adhera® Gypsum Joint Tape

•       Health-Gard® Medical Papers

•       Specialty Crepe Papers

•       Translucent Packaging

•       Industrial Packaging

•       VCI Paper (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor)

•       Paint Masking



“Our Technical Business offers a high level of ‘glocal’ technical and industry expertise. We have flexibility in our manufacturing processes through the use of multiple assets and manufacturing, as well as two dedicated Research & Development centers to allow us to provide an expansive range of solutions,” explained Dana DeCoster, Market Manager for the Technical Business. “We are experts on foreign objects and debris, and have world-class web inspection and defect detection capabilities in order to specifically design products for clean room production and highly technical end-use applications.”

Diverse furnish options include bleached, trulyNatural®, blended, pre or post recycled and Palettera® custom color capabilities in addition to a variety of surface treatments such as flame (Flame-Gard®), water, mold, and heat resistance.

“We have the flexibility and ability to adapt to our customers’ ever-changing needs, and we have demonstrated our ability to innovate and launch new solutions extremely quickly in direct response to these unprecedented pandemic times,” explained Leimkuehler. “While many of our papers are typically designed for a commercial or manufacturing end-use, we have been working actively to collaborate with our customers to develop our existing grades to assist with materials used in fighting the COVID-19 virus.”


To discuss your unique applications and product development needs within our Technical Business, contact Jessica Mendez at