Venting filters

Filter media for artificial respiratory devices

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Invasive ventilation is used to assist or replace breathing when a person is unable to breathe adequately on their own. Additionally, in recent decades, Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) devices have been employed increasingly for short-term use in anesthesia and long-term use in intensive care units.

Our venting filter media are specifically developed for devices which are in common use in the treatment of patients with respiratory disorders.

These filters offer protection by removing bacteria and viruses before they enter the patient’s airway, bringing thus a crucial contribution in the prevention of healthcare-associated infection.

At the same time, venting filters reduce the number of pathogens a patient exhales into the air, contributing to protecting healthcare staff and other patients.


Conditions of use include:

- In the OR and ICU

- When patients are under anesthesia

- Patients that require mechanical ventilation

- Chronic care units and home care

- After laryngectomy

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Cellulose and Cotton Media


Our cellulose and cotton filters are made of high- purity cellulose and alpha-cellulose fibers, allowing optimal water retaining performance.

Our media can provide a very good wet and dry pressure drop along with improved  humidity capacity.

The media are also suitable for additional converting including slitting, corrugation and pleating and find ideal application in hygroscopic condenser humidifiers (HCH) and Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME).



  • Prevent transmission of infection between the patient and apparatus when performing endotracheal anesthesia or mechanical lung ventilation



  • Mechanically Ventilated Patients
  • Laringectomy



Glass Fiber Hydrophobic Filter Media


The use of a hydrophobic media as a venting and respiratory filter is necessary to provide excellent barrier to airborne microbial contaminants.

Ahlstrom Munksjo microglass filter media are manufactured from an advanced blend of borosilicate microglass fibers and acrylic resins PFOA-free.

Our concept is to manufacture media in all efficiency ranges of interest– efficiencies from 99.90 % to 99.9999 % for 0.3 μm particle size - especially designed for CPAP and mechanical venting filters.

Only high purity borosilicate glass fibers are employed, in thicknesses rangeing from 0.2 to 2.0 μm, depending on the required level of efficiency.

These products can then converted into a variety of shapes and configurations.



  • High efficiency hydrophobic filter media to protect the patient from micro organisms
  • Media is also suitable for further converting including slitting, corrugation and pleating phase



  • In the Intensive Care Unit
  • When patients are under anesthesia
  • Patients that require mechanical ventilation
  • Chronic care units and home care
  • After a laryngectomy