Making a difference at the heart of the woodworking market

Making a difference at the heart of the woodworking market

Products designed for wood sanding!

How about dusting your antistatic range?


Created with the aid of a professional designer, two original new patterns will give your abrasive range enhanced antistatic effectiveness and a new look. Why choose a ready-to-use antistatic with a pattern ?


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The composite alternative to cloth backings

The first composite product in Ahlstrom’s REVOLUTION range. TEX-STYLE™ combines the ideal paper surface with the high mechanical strength of the cloth or combination. TEX-STYLE™ Dry is specially designed for the wide or segmented belts used in the timber and board market.


Nodust B

The antistatic paper backing reference

NODUST B (Brown Line) combines a strong internal bond (which guarantees durability) and an antistatic impregnation in the core (for long-lasting effect). The antistatic benefits in wood sanding are numerous : reduced clogging of belts with sanding dust, cleaner sanded products, higher abrasive backing service life, a safer & cleaner workshop. This paper base is available in a wide range of grammages and with different colours, surfaces and options.



The paper backing designed for parquet flooring maintenance 

The NOTEAR papers (Green Line) have combine rigidity and high resistance and are specially designed for the belts and discs used on parquet sanders.



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