How about dusting your antistatic range?

How about dusting your antistatic range?


Created with the aid of a professional designer, two original new patterns will give your abrasive range enhanced antistatic effectiveness and a new look. Why choose a ready-to-use antistatic with a pattern ?



Antistatic backing papers have proved their worth in limiting belt clogging


R&D manager Thierry Mayade explains the phenomenon for us. “Even though a paper backing is flat, the antistatic effect created on one side of the paper forms something like a Faraday cage: the conductive pattern that we have added will protect the whole belt against the electric (over) loads generated by the friction. Thanks to the conductive mesh, the electrostatic charge is dissipated. The belt therefore remains in balance, which avoids dust being attracted to the paper and leaves it free to be extracted more easily. Belts last considerably longer and the work environment is cleaner and safer.”  

From left to right : The patterns Net, Mesh and Oxygen

From left to right : The patterns Net, Mesh and Oxygen


BLACK B, which performs particularly well, is the antistatic paper par excellence


The antistatic pattern NET provide a resistivity below 10Ω/sq

  Its surface resistivity of 10Ω/sq guarantees high performance. In its classic version, the solid carbon black coating offers the best density. However a pattern can replace the layer as long as it is dense enough. And if a transparent resin is added, a design can be printed on to express the technical nature of your antistatic products to your users without impacting the quality of the antistatic. Oxygen was originally developed with this in mind. Now we are enhancing the range with two new graphic effects, Mesh and Net, that illustrate the conductive network and meshing on the paper.



New creative elements are added to a technical product already renowned for its excellence. Compared to Oxygen, the new Mesh and Net patterns feature a tighter, denser mesh synonymous with improved effectivenes.






With its irregular netting effect, Mesh has an undulating pattern of chevrons of medium amplitude. Coupling technical and design features, these impactful, intriguing graphics will appeal to those who like surprising or unique motifs.   Net is a regular geometric pattern based on the hexagon inspired by 70s wall coverings. With its repeating, intertwined shapes, it offers a rich decorative structure that is both elegant and contemporary.




By printing a precise, unusual and attractive pattern, you can give your most effective products an ever greater opportunity to stand out and offer a degree of variety that can’t fail to please your customers.