Extra STRONG abrasive composite backings (RE-VOLUTION Line)

Extra STRONG abrasive composite backings (RE-VOLUTION Line)

Ready-to-use alternative to cloth and combination backings
Mechanical performances of cloth backings in wet or dry conditions
Backing surfaces adapted the finest grit sizes
Formadehyde-free abrasive backing solution
Extra STRONG abrasive composite backings (RE-VOLUTION Line)
Our RE-VOLUTION Line with the extra resistant composite backings TEX-STYLE™ bridges the gap between abrasive paper and cloth backings and opens new development fields to the coated abrasive industry.

With high tear resistance and superior internal bond, TEX-STYLE™ composite backings are alternative to conventional abrasive textile backings. They are ready-to-use without long and hazardous chemical finishing steps. It opens new fields of development for segmented, wide or narrow belts, in wet or dry conditions, with unlimited customization possibilities.

  • Extra strong and ultra-resistant: Outstanding mechanical performances in wet or dry conditions
  • Ready-to-use formaldehyde-free fiber-based solution: easy and sustainable sourcing with no additional chemical treatment and capital immobilization
  • A waterproof version exists for wet and cooling lubricant conditions with unmatched tear resistance and strength, and dimensional stability
  • Reduced product weight compared to treated cloth providing easy handling and logistic savings
  • Improved sanding shoe lifetime
  • Smoothness unachieved with conventional treated cloth or combination enabling to use finer grits
  • Compatible with overlap joints
  • A wide range of stiffness from calibration to finishing
  • To combine with The Be Solution offer  and its unlimited choice in color for an innovative market approach

How to start and abrasive revolution ?

Discover how to break market standards with TEX-STYLETM. Our extra-resistant composite : Agile outside… Powerful Inside...