Purpose and Protection for eCommerce packaging

Purpose and Protection for eCommerce packaging


We want to plant a seed with you and your team as you develop your sustainable packaging journey: introducing PurposeFil™ to cover all your needs for sustainable eCommerce packaging.


A unique unboxing experience

PurposeFil™ is a line of eCommerce and retail packaging materials with a purpose.

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Fiber-based solutions offer more sustainable packaging, lower packaging weight creating less waste, package integrity and safety while building distinctive branding through packaging and offering diverse levels of protection.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö uses fiber from responsible and legal sources and all PurposeFil™ products qualify for Chain of Custody Forestry Credits and Certification.

The ultimate goal of PurposeFil™ packaging papers is to offer alternative packaging options to non-renewable substrates.


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Powered by Unique Technologies

PurposeFil™ eCommerce and retail packaging materials are powered by unique technologies acquired through many years of experience with advanced fiber-based products.

Cristal™ technology


Ahlstrom-Munksjo’s Cristal™ can be used to create a wide range of sustainable packaging solutions such as flexible pouches, window packaging, containers or sachets for an all-paper packaging solution.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s transparent papers are the ideal alternative to non-renewable materials. These transparent papers enable consumers to quickly identify the products they are purchasing.

Cristal™ is a flexible paper with various levels of transparency that provides a unique alternative to plastic films, which can be used in a wide array of converting platforms to achieve an all-paper packaging solution.

Cristal™ is suitable for printing, lamination, gluing, coating or waxing.


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EnduraFlex™ technology


Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s EnduraFlex™ technology stretches your crepe and extensible needs beyond flexibility.

Extensible papers are manufactured with Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s proprietary stretching process. Stretch is built into the structure of the paper itself without changing the surface , offering maximum strength properties, capable of withstanding great impact without bursting. 


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HydroSize™ technology


Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s HydroSize™ technology offers a wide range of water resistance and repellency to other liquids.

HydroSize™ works by making the paper fibers and structure itself resistant to water and other liquids. This resistance means the paper will not absorb water, and will maintain its structure and performance for long durations of exposure.


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trulyNatural® technology


Ahlstrom-Munksjö's trulyNatural® technology completely bypasses the bleaching, saving energy and creating less waste.



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Cristal™ Heat Seal Technology


HydroSize™ and EnduraFlex™ Technologies



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  • Commercialization: Blossoming and budding fruit
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