Disruptor® for Residential Use

Disruptor® for Residential Use

Low pressure and no mechanical energy needed for the water purification process
No chemicals needed for the removal of contaminants from water
Contributes to the reduction of single-use plastic bottles
Disruptor® for Residential Use
Applicable for both point-of-entry and point-of-use devices including whole house filters, countertop, tap, pitchers, appliance and under counter filters

Disruptor® filter media is a new technology representing an alternative to the use of membranes. Disruptor® has the ability to efficiently remove a wide of harmful contaminants (submicron  particulates, organic acids, virus, bacteria, cysts, cell debris and trace  pharmaceuticals) from water, making it safe to consume.

Due to the open media structure, Disruptor® can be used in a very wide range of end uses covering both pressurized water purification systems as well as gravity flow applications. In addition to outstanding pathogen performance products available also with special functionalities such as chlorine removal, heat-sealing, and  antimicrobial treatment for preventing bacteria build-up. The removal of selected trace metals also possible in given pH ranges.

Disruptor® can compete as a stand alone alternative to polymeric membranes or used in combination with other water purification technologies. Disruptor® media is also easy to convert and can be made into virtually any size filter cartridge.


Where can Disruptor® be used?

Thanks to its features, Disruptor® is applicable both for point-of-entry (POE) and point-of-use (POU) applications.

  • In a single or multi-layer Disruptor® stand-alone format for biological removal
  • In a single or multi-layer Disruptor® stand-alone format for biological removal and chlorine removal
  • In combination with CTO (Carbon Blocks) for biological removal and chlorine and/or heavy-metal removal
  • Before RO system for reducing RO membrane fouling
  • After RO system for biological removal and improved water taste
  • Gravity applications such as countertop dispensers, rain water treatment, roof top filters, etc.