Compostable & oil based plastic free tea bag materials

Compostable & oil based plastic free tea bag materials

Compostable & oil based plastic free tea bag materials
Ahlstrom specialists have developed two ranges of tea bag materials using a renewable biopolymer, polylactic acid (PLA). Our BioWeb® and Fiber+ ranges are renewable, certified compostable and oil based plastic free and will revolutionize the way that you market your tea.


  • Delivers outstanding infusion
  • Neutral odor and taste
  • Excellent tea blend retention
  • Silken web highlights tea
  • 100% renewable raw materials
  • Fully compostable


  • Same converting efficiency as our InFuse range with added environmental credentials
  • Fully compostable according to norm EN13432
  • Fossil plastic free: binder agent is Poly Lactic Acid; a biopolymer

Nowadays there is a lot of attention on plastics in packaging and the effects is has on the environment ultimately, our health.

The ‘Plastic Free’ movement is gaining traction with consumers as well as with retailers and even governments. In the world of tea bag materials, some brands have been pressured to switch to plastic free materials by their consumers.

BioWeb® ultrasonic and heat-seal filter webs

We introduce the first beverage filter web made from 100% renewable materials.

This lightweight, fine-filament web is made from polylactic acid (PLA) and features an embossed point bond or basket weave pattern.

Its neutral odor and taste, and high transparency, make it ideal for a wide variety of black and specialty teas and infusions. It is also one of the first to be fully compostable.


All materials used to manufacture these grades are certified in accordance with US FDS regulation 21 CFR176.170 and/or EU regulation 1935-2004.


BioWeb® is designed for use with ultrasonic sealing and heat-sealing equipment.

BioWeb Robust™

Robust™ is a dedicated fiber blend for Ahlstrom products, whether BioWeb®, InFuse heat-seal or Classic non-heat-seal.

With BioWeb®, our Robust™ version allows for increased mechanical stability and a wider heat-seal window, which means no more lost time while adjusting your equipment.

That means BioWeb® Robust™ can now be a substitute for traditional heat-seal materials!


This new product range offers a plastic free, certified compostable version of our traditional heat sealable Infuse range combining high performance with special focus on reducing the environmental impact at end of life.

The Fiber+ technology consists in replacing the plastic by PLA, a material that has the same properties but is renewable, biodegradable and compostable after use

These filters have been specifically designed to perform at the same high level as traditional heat-seal material but with the advantage of meeting regulatory requirements for composting industrially.

In terms of environmental credentials, Fiber+ is certified compostable by TÜV Austria with the OK Compost Industrial label (as our customer, it is possible to get the same label with a fast tracked process)

Fiber+ end of life: Consumer can responsibly dispose of Fiber+ teabags in their local council food bin or organic waste collection which are essentially industrial compost facilities

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