We are strongly committed to respecting the highest standards of human rights in our operations and supply chains, build close, long-term relationships with the communities that host our production sites, and provide safe and healthy work environments free from discrimination and full of opportunity for our team. Ahlstrom’s continued progress in these three priority areas is essential to our long-term success. When people thrive, we thrive.

Enabling people

We encourage diversity and an innovative mindset. By securing diverse perspectives we become more innovative and resilient as a company. By 2025 our goal is to have 30% women in leadership positions and 20% women in the total workforce.

Creating a Safe Culture Target 2021-2025


Total Recordable Incidents Rate below 1



Ahlstrom and Metsä Fibre back safety award

Ahlstrom and Metsä Fibre, part of Metsä Group and a significant pulp supplier to Ahlstrom, took the initiative in 2018 to create a new award in the safety area: The Safety Leadership Award. The award forms a new category in the RISI PPI Awards which are the only global awards dedicated to recognizing the achievement of companies, production sites and individuals in the pulp and paper sector world-wide.


Developing a responsible culture

At Ahlstrom, we believe in creating safe and inclusive work environments where our approximately 7,800 can thrive. Ahlstrom values diversity, empowering our people, and encouraging personal growth and opportunities. We are committed to be an organization that never stops learning and supports all the competencies, knowledge, skills, experiences and behaviors embodied in our team that are critical to our future success.

Creating a Responsible Culture Target 2021-2025


Employee Engagement Index 80




Human Capital Policy

Ahlstrom is proud to be a truly global company. We value diversity, empower our people and encourage personal growth and opportunities to contribute to a more sustainable world. We are committed to be an employer of choice and an organization that never stops learning, to be able to attract and retain skilled and dedicated people.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy describes the principles that direct the way we shall conduct all our activities to ensure we provide a safe working environment for everyone. These requirements shall be used together with existing local and national legal requirements, and local instructions.


Modern Slavery Statement

At Ahlstrom, we are dedicated to respecting the highest standards of human rights in our operational activities and expect the same from our suppliers. We recognize that preventing modern slavery and human trafficking is a critical global challenge and embrace our responsibility to support the wellbeing, fair treatment, and dignity of every individual our business touches.


Learn more about our work in each of these areas in our Sustainability Report. 

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