Purpose, vision, and values

Ahlstrom is uniquely positioned as the global leader in a broad range of sustainable and technically advanced fiber-based specialty materials. Our purpose, vision and values guide us in achieving our goals and targets as a company.


PURPOSE - We Purify and Protect, with Every Fiber, for a Sustainable World

We want to be a thought leader in promoting sustainable fiber-based materials to contribute to a shift towards a sustainable, low carbon and circular economy. More than 80% of our products today protect people and purify processes. We are working towards making it 100%, as our purpose as a company is to Purify and Protect, with Every Fiber, for a Sustainable World.

VISION - To be the Preferred Sustainable Specialty Materials Company

Ahlstrom’s vision is to be the Preferred Sustainable Specialty Materials company in the eyes of customers, employees, local communities, and investors. Our vision guides us in achieving our strategic ambition for 2025 of becoming the global leader in combining fibers into performance materials that purify air and liquids and protect people, products, and the planet.  

VALUES - Accountability, Growth mindset, One team and Care

Our values form the guiding principles for how we act and behave. They are the compass for our day-to-day actions and key to the successful delivery of our vision and strategic ambition.

  • Accountability. We are accountable for the success of our business or function. We always hold ourselves and others accountable. We do the right thing and speak up. Our local Business Unit level accountability is a key cornerstone of our success as a business.
  • Growth mindset. We continuously challenge the status quo and strive to improve, both as individuals and collectively. While we are proud of the results we deliver, we are always on the want for more. We go beyond the obvious, proactively and with pace identifying business opportunities, innovation opportunities and continues improvement topics.
  • One team. We always act for the best of the Company, putting the Company ahead of our individual Business Unit or function if a conflict occurs. We communicate openly and are collaborative.
  • Care. We care for each other. We hold each other safe in the plants and look out for each other. We care for the communities we operate in and the environment as whole. We care about the success of our customers and are mindful in how we operate.