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Ahlstrom is in the process of renewing its Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) environment. The goal is to optimize the P2P process. Part of this renewal is the connection of Ahlstrom and its suppliers to the SAP Business Network. On this page, you will find information about this transformation and a comprehensive FAQ to answer questions. This portal is regularly updated and provided with new information.

The SAP Ariba platform will help improve our collaboration with suppliers by streamlining all our supplier management, sourcing and buying processes.

New way of digital working at Ahlstrom

SAP Ariba is a cloud-based procurement system with a transaction platform called SAP Business Network. This network serves as our transaction platform for the exchange of digital business documents with our suppliers (including purchase orders, order confirmations, and invoices). If you want access to the SAP Business Network, please create an account at and contact

Benefits of working digitally

  • Better control of your contact and payment information and better compliance to Ahlstrom's Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Accelerate the sales cycle while lowering your cost of sales
  • Boost sales through catalogs and find new customers ready to buy
  • Respond to RFP/RFIs, submit proposals, and negotiate contracts using one system
  • You can conduct business with Ahlstrom more easily because purchase orders and invoices are processed in a streamlined digital manner. Purchase orders, invoices, and order confirmations are sent and received centrally, making documentation and information easily accessible.
  • With an up-to-date overview of the invoice status, less time needs to be spent on status updates and inquiries. You can view the payment status of invoices directly from the SAP Business Network. You can also opt for an email notification about the invoice status.
  • Invoices are accurate and complete, enabling timely payment of invoices. With a higher matching rate, the likelihood of delays due to corrections is lower, and it is more likely that payments will be processed immediately.
  • Operational costs are lower due to less manual work and corrections. Invoices are automatically generated based on the purchase order, reducing the number of corrections.
  • Register as a supplier for Ahlstrom through Ariba and have full control over your data.


Q: Why is Ahlstrom changing its ways of working?
A: Implementing SAP Ariba will help us streamline and digitalize our procurement processes, enabling us to collaborate more effectively with our suppliers.

Q: What is the SAP Business Network (a.k.a. Ariba Network)?
A: The SAP Business Network is a cloud-based B2B marketplace where buyers and suppliers can connect to do business within a single networked platform.

Q: How do I register?
A: You will need to set up an SAP Business Network account or link your existing account to Ahlstrom. You will receive the invitation by e-mail. You can refer to our Quick Guide or to our Supplier Handbook for further information.

Q: Does it cost me anything to create an account? 
A: You have the possibility to choose from two types of accounts. Standard account offers basic functionality and is free of cost. Ahlstrom will require all its supplier's to have a standard account. Enterprise account offers you greater functionality and support but is subject to fees depending on transaction volume. Find out more.

Q: Do I need to order extra hardware or software to use the SAP Business Network?

A: Suppliers do not need to download anything. An internet connection and web browser are sufficient.

You can find a more comprehensive FAQ in here.

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