Coffee capsule filters

Coffee capsule filters

Solutions ranging from internal filter to complete lidding solutions
Heatsealable materials for single-use espresso or drip coffee capsules
New compostable product range also available
Can be used in the most common capsule systems
Coffee capsule filters
Simplicity in use, high quality results in the cup, and consistent performance, are some of the many reasons why people choose capsule systems. Thanks to our high performance brewing filters, Ahlstrom is capable of satisfying the growing demand for filters dedicated to single serve systems.
  • Classic internal filter and compostable internal filter or complete lidding solution for coffee capsules
  • Can be used in the most common capsule systems, both for espresso and drip preparation

Our heat-sealable webs support the precise brewing properties of the capsules (pressure, flow rate, temperature).

Already adopted by several leading coffee brands in the world, Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers two filter ranges: classic and compostable.

  • The classic line is the reference for the capsule application. Made with a combination of natural and synthetic fibers, our filters perform at the high pressures required for espresso preparation, as well as at the high flow rate needed for drip coffee extraction.
  • Conscious of the environmental impact of modern single serve systems, Ahlstrom now offers a new product range focused on compostable solutions. The compostable line is the output of our investment in research and partnerships with international coffee brands to offer a sustainable approach to single serve solutions.


All materials used to manufacture these grades are certified in accordance with US FDS regulation 21 CFR176.170 and/or EU regulation 1935-2004.

Our compostable range is compliant with EN13432.


Our filters can be used in the most common capsule systems, both for espresso and drip preparation. Whether you are preparing a K-cup® or a Nespresso® compatible capsule, Ahlstrom has the solution.


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