Co-creating innovative and sustainable materials for various end uses 

With a unique understanding of how fibers can be combined into high-performance specialty materials, Ahlstrom provides a wide range of innovative sustainable solutions for numerous applications. From highly technical materials and protective materials like industrial release papers to nonwoven propagating paper for horticulture applications - we create tailor-made value for customers by combining materials with breakthrough technologies, and by innovating with our customers and partners across the value chain.  

Fiber-based solutions for many applications:

Embroidery backings, Textile tube cores, Dye sublimation transfer paper, Protection tissue for digital transfer textile printing applications, and many more! Our solutions serve numerous industries: 

  • Defense
  • Sport
  • Textile
  • Horticulture
  • Industrial goods 
  • Printings & graphics  

Technology Spotlight

Acti-V® and Acti-V® XB release liner technology

Acti-V® technology inherits Ahlstrom's proprietary and patented technology. It's designed to transform a paper carrier into an active booster. With Acti-V®, the quality of the silicone-coated release liner is now leveraged, ensuring productivity, efficiency, and reliability.

Innovation Spotlight

TEX-STYLE™ Re-Volution Line: Extra resistant abrasive composite backings

With high tear resistance and superior internal bond, TEX-STYLE™ composite backings bridge the gap between abrasive paper and cloth backings, and open new development fields to the coated abrasive industry.

How can we help?

At Ahlstrom, we use our science, technology and capabilities to innovate solutions that address the global challenges, creating new markets and replacing existing ones. By co-innovating with you on solutions that are safe and sustainable by design, we strive to make people's lives more sustainable. Start with us if you're looking for better materials!