Get to know our structure on Research & Development

Innovation is part of our values and it is in Ahlstrom-Munksjö´s DNA. Currently, we count on two Research Centers which supports the R&D structures of all our business areas.

Our Research & Development Centers from Apprieu and Pont-Evêque, in France, are composed of specialists in different knowledge areas related to fiber use (refining, chemistry, materials and others). This group supports the R&D structures of the four business areas – Industrial Solutions, Decor, Filtration & Performance and Specialties, as well as our partners, with samples analysis, know-how in several technologies and solution proposals.

The two centers also count on advanced technology, allowing deep analysis of the raw material used in the paper production and its impacts in the production process; a paper production pilot machine, equipment for coating and calendaring paper; also equipment for electronic microscopy analysis, topography surface, gas chromatography and others. In addition, a rich database saved up through long years of experience, competitors analysis, materials and development projects, which optimizes the solution´s seeking to meet the competitive market challenges.

 Jacareí Structure

Considering the importance assigned to innovation by the Company, as well as our goal of being recognized as the most innovative company on Specialty Papers Segment in Latin America, the R&D team from Jacareí Unit passed through several reformulations and investments in 2017, and is now split in 4 major fronts:

  1. Product Development: Coordenated by Georgia Tavares, aiming for turn our partners ideas in products;
  2. Application Engineering: Conducted by Liege Garcia, assuring the best use of our products by our Customers, in their applications, and from our testing structure;
  3. TCS (Technical Customer Service): Focused on technical claim treatment, under Francisco Souza´s responsibility.
  4. Processes and Materials Development: Conducted by Vinício Dias, with the mission of incessantly search for new material row and supplies to better improve our efficiency and sustainability.

“This team performs very close to the customers and suppliers, to assure the continuous improvement of our knowledge – technical, processes and products – and, this way, be able to always offer the best market solutions. We look forward to the new challenges and we are well prepared to satisfy and surprise”,  stated Tania Machetta, R&D Manager of Ahlstrom-Munksjö Jacareí.