In compliance with ISO 18385 forensic-grade quality for human identification

Our Specimen Collection Cards are manufactured in accordance with the first global standard developed to minimize the risk of human DNA contamination

ISO 38385 logoDNA contamination is a serious concern for laboratories worldwide. The inadvertent corruption of consumables during the manufacturing process can have severe repercussions in DNA studies affecting the outcome of results. Chemicals, reagents or products coming into direct contact with biological material potentially containing human DNA such as gloves, plates, swabs, tips, tubes, or even consumables involved in DNA analysis like extraction kits, are likely to generate a profile.

ISO 18385 Forensics DNA Grade was developed as a global standard for manufacturers of forensic products used in human DNA analysis in order to minimize the risk of human DNA contamination during collection, storage and analysis of biological material for forensic purposes.


Our commitment to quality and reliability

We aim at providing laboratories worldwide confidence in our products and process. This is why we are proud to announce that our specimen collection cards now boast the “ISO 18385 Forensic DNA Grade” label, being manufactured using the control measures specifically identified in order to minimize the risk of human DNA contamination.

In the preparation for complying with the new forensic grade standard, Ahlstrom-Munksjö established a project team involving representation from Quality, Health and Safety and the production line, along with cooperating with external consultants to align the existing manufacturing processes to ISO 18385 standards.

We performed a detailed risk assessment for human DNA contamination, following a structured and systematic approach: from quality control of raw materials to testing our final products according to highly sensitive and qualitative forensic methods. The action plan implemented aims at continuously improving our methods and performance, regularly following-up and reviewing standards and procedures.
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In alignment with ISO 18385 standard

We take quality very seriously. This is why we will continue to take on new challenges, improve our products and processes and be the landmark for our customers.

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