Let’s color abrasive papers and give free rein to imagination to shape the world!

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s know-how knows no borders, including when it comes to colors!

Our abrasive customers have an endless range of possibilities available to them. We offer our customers a chart of colors and shades to meet their ever-increasing needs. Our know-how, our quick responses and our ability to listen are so many vectors of differentiation for the customer who is seeking to enhance its image, evoke an application or simplify the choices for the end user.

Abrasive French Flag Colors

From 20 colors to infinite!

  1. Our customers can choose from 20 standard colors offered as standards, which range from the classics (white, kraft paper brown, natural, brown…) to the most dynamic (yellow, violet, green, red, various shades of blue...)
  2. They can also opt for a derivative color. «We can refine an existing shade by adding slight nuances to come closer to the color required.»
  3. We can also create a specific color, that of the customer’s logo for example. Working from a sample, the color matcher and Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s R&D department will reproduce the color with its luminosity, radiance, depth…

A process akin to alchemy

Red Abrasive

To create a custom color, several factors are taken into account: the clarity and initial color of the paper, but also its fibrous composition.

Different tests will be carried out in our R&D lab. «We assemble basic colors using virtually artisan methods. Colored paper is created manually using sheet molds.

“In some cases, we also use the CRA pilot machine. For colored papers, we use dyes as raw materials, injecting them directly into our Machine 8. We also work in close synergy with the Decorative papers division, which has unequally expertise in this area and provides us with help that is as precious as it is enriching.

Once validated, the color formula will be adhered to precisely in each production run. In fact, our process features a continuous dying system that enables us to precisely adjust the formula and dosing of the dyes based on a target sample saved. This guarantees perfect reproducibility every time. Ahlstrom-Munksjö routinely applies this method to latex papers, but has also adapted it for heavyweight and thin papers.” Jean-Pierre Etienne, color expert at the Arches mill for 25 years.

Blue abrasive backing production

Color Matching is part of The Be Solution offer, our set of technical solutions that can be applied to the current The A Solution² paper backing range in order to create innovative sandpapers that will reflect your image.

For more information on this services and the conditions that apply, contact contact.abrasives@ahlstrom-munksjo.com