Self-adhesive: a very important market to Ahlstrom-Munksjö

The self-adhesive market is one of the main performing segments of Ahlstrom-Munksjö in the world - represents 1/5 of Company total net sales.

In Brazil, the importance is even greater considering the coated one-side paper sales for liners and facestock, and the uncoated paper sales for facestock.

According to AWA consulting, labels from the most diverse of industry segments – as foods, personal care, cleaning and others – represent almost 70% of release liner volume consumed in Latin America. In these applications, paper can be used as facestock () or liner (Glassine, SCK and CCK, used as support to laminated structure).

Another self-adhesive segment of great importance is the visual communication – according to AWA, this application represents almost 10% of release liner volume consumed in Latin America. In this case, paper is used only as liner (CCK), being laminated subsequently with a PVC film. Other markets, as automotive tuning and home decoration also use this CCK liner structure and PVC laminates for personalize vehicle, furniture, wall and others – it is a growth market in Brazil.

Our portfolio

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Brazil has an extensive portfolio to serve the self-adhesive market, split into four product families: Lumimax, Silco, Silca and PrintClassic.

Lumimax is the coated one-side paper for printing jobs, in many grammages. Used as self-adhesive facestock, ensures better visual quality of labels of finished goods – in most of the cases this is the main communication channel with the consumer – with excellent printing quality, it ensures great performance in operations throughout the productive chain. The main characteristics are high brightness of coated surface, excellent roughness, homogeneous fibers formation, great dimensional stability and high whiteness. Lumimax is recommended for all printing processes.

Silco is the CCK paper for liner, well used in visual communication works and objects personalization (grammage over 120 gsm), and in office supplies materials or other applications which do not require automatic posting (grammage lower than 85 gsm). The main characteristics are very even siliconization with low silicone consumption, high dimensional stability, lower porosity rate, great roughness and good stiffness. Silco is suitable for all silicone application systems.

Last, but not least, Silca is the Glassine´s similar, used as support for industrial application self-adhesive, and the PrintClassic is the uncoated paper used as facestock for office supplies.

“Due to Ahlstrom-Munksjö strong position on release liner applications and coated paper for printing, Jacareí Unit has access to a huge know-how and expertise which enable highest quality products development, manufactured based on our customers’ demands, as example we can mention all Acti-VR produced in Europe”. Explains Rafael Yamamoto, Product Manager at Ahlstrom-Munksjö Jacareí.