Ahlstrom announces price increases for its crepe papers

Ahlstrom Corporation PRESS RELEASE 22.5.2008 at 14:59

Ahlstrom, a global leader in high performance fiber-based materials, today announced price increases and a temporary surcharge on transportation costs for its crepe paper grades, as a consequence of the continuous rise of costs of raw materials (in particular woodpulp and chemicals), energy and transportation.

The price increases will be effective as from July 1, 2008 and the transportation surcharge will be implemented immediately. The level of the increases will depend on the nature of the products, regions, existing contracts and invoicing currencies. The detailed actions will be discussed with customers through the appropriate business teams.

Ahlstrom's Crepe papers are mainly used for masking tapes, wipes, medical sterilization wraps and other specialty applications such as table covers or food absorption pads. Ahlstrom's Crepe papers are produced in France, Finland and Italy.

For further information, please contact:

Patrick Jeambar, Senior Vice President, Technical Papers: +33 4 7645 3515, patrick.jeambar@ahlstrom.com
Olivier Salaun, Vice President & General Manager, Crepe papers, +33 2 3241 6110, olivier.salaun@ahlstrom.com
Jari Mäntylä, CFO, Ahlstrom Corporation, +358 10 4768, jari.mantyla@ahlstrom.com

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Ahlstrom is a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of high performance fiber-based materials. Nonwovens and specialty papers, made by Ahlstrom, are used in a large variety of everyday products, such as filters, wipes, flooring, labels, and tapes. Based upon its unique fiber expertise and innovative approach, the company has a strong market position in several business areas in which it operates. Ahlstrom's 6,500 employees serve customers via sales offices and production facilities in more than 20 countries on six continents. In 2007, Ahlstrom's net sales amounted to EUR 1.8 billion. Ahlstrom's share is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The company website is www.ahlstrom.com.