Curling and cupping, what is the difference and how to control it ?

Experts Coffee Break Sessions (Topic D)

02 Dec, 2020

➰Curling and cupping is the crux of every coated abrasive manufacturers… Sales people fear cigars which will generate claims… Production people pull their hair when the backing starts to move up or down…

If there is one common key issue anyone is fighting in the abrasive world… It is Curling and Cupping! But in fact…

  • Curling or cupping : What is the difference ?


  • Why is the curling appearing ?


  • How to assess the anti-curling performance of a product ?


  • Curl modeling : A way to improve the understandings ?


  • What are the tools and advice to improve the stability performance ?


With the contribution of Peter Schwabe [maker and equipment manufacturer] and Ton Hintze [abrasive specialist].


👉 If you want to know what to do when abrasive paper curl. This expertise coffee break replay is for you.


Meet our abrasive experts

Product Development Manager @ Ahlstrom

Pulp and paper engineer with 14 years of expertise and commitment to the abrasive industry.

Abrasive R&D Manager @ Ahlstrom

30-years experienced paper engineer, PhD graduate in process engineering from the National Polytechnical Institute in Grenoble. 22 years expertise in abrasive backings development, in their chemical formulation and physical properties.

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