HemaSep™ plasma separation card for free amino acid analysis

On demand from 16 Mar, 2023
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About the webinar

Amino acids (AAs) are essential building blocks of every known life, including humans. They play an important role in organism homeostasis, so their circulated-free concentration should be carefully monitored.

The study conducted by the independent laboratory Masdiag presents the use of Ahlstrom's plasma separation cards (HemaSep-L) for free amino acid (AA) analysis. The study compares AAs concentrations in the fraction containing red blood cells (RBC) and in plasma obtained using a HemaSep-L separation card with results obtained for plasma fraction obtained by centrifugation. Obtained results were also compared with concentrations established in the dried blood spot (DBS) samples obtained by the classical approach. The comparison was conducted using venous blood.

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Meet the speakers

Marco Consiglio, Head of Product Management Lab & Life Science, Ahlstrom

As Head of Product Management at Ahlstrom, Marco Consiglio is in charge of managing the R&D and Product Management team for the Laboratory and Life Science product categories, which include components for rapid test kits, biospecimen collection cards, and filter media for sample preparation. Marco holds an MSc in Reproductive Medicine and Medical Biotechnology from the University of Turin.

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Tomasz Bieńkowski, Founder and CEO, Masdiag

Tomasz Bieńkowski holds a PhD degree in Chemistry with a specialization in Mass Spectrometry. He has over 20 years of experience in the application of LC-MS/MS in various filed and more than 10 years in medical diagnostics. During his professional life, Tomasz was involved in developing new LC/MS methods and different hardware solutions for Analytical laboratory.

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HemaSep™ plasma separation card for free amino acid analysis

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