Kristy, Head of IT Business Partners, Kaukauna, US

Kristy is working as a Head of IT Business Partners in Kaukauna, US.

''I started when my dad worked at the mill, he was a rewinder operator, and I applied for a summer job. I was able to be on the shop floor. I was able to be a part of IT. I was able to be in the procurement group. I was able to kind of spread my wings wherever I wanted to and wherever the curiosity took me. 

If you have the willingness to learn. If you have the open-mindedness to make a change and make a difference, there’s room for you. 

From just the innovation and the diversity of thought and how we operate and how our culture really ties into that. Allowing us to expand and allowing us to try and allowing us to fail if that’s the outcome. Allowing us to be broad - that’s a big thing at Ahlstrom.''