Delicitera® Confectionary & Snack Papers - The Sustainable Solution

Delicitera® Confectionary & Snack Papers - The Sustainable Solution

Ahlstrom is a leading producer of innovative food packaging solutions and continues to be at the forefront of plastic replacement, sustainable product offerings. Delicitera® Confectionary & Snack Papers and its broad line of support technologies assist brand owners in achieving their sustainability goals.

“Our Delicitera® papers have a broad array of attributes that make our products not just unique, but incredibly innovative for the confectionary and snack markets,” said Guillaume Latourrette, Vice President for Ahlstrom’s Global Food Packaging business. “In addition to characteristics such as smoothness for uniform lamination, slip-ease during processing, and excellent printability, these products also feature exceptional release properties and transparency for visibility of the food product.”

Enhanced Sustainable Solutions 

As part of the Delicitera® family of product brands, several support technologies are offered including:

  • Cristal™ Transparent Papers
  • Rocalonde™ Twisting Papers

“Brand owners and consumers are continuing to look for the additional steps they can take towards providing enhanced sustainable solutions,” Latourrette explained. “Our Cristal™ transparent papers can replace films used in window applications for bags and other food containers, and confectionary wraps can replace traditional plastic films. It is important for consumers to consider these alternatives when they see their favorite candies wrapped in a different, more eco-friendly material.”

As the industry leader in offering sustainable solutions for our customers, Ahlstrom’s team is constantly innovating its sustainable product offerings to meet the needs of a growing and demanding market, including its exclusive line of FluoroFree® papers. Increasingly, brands are looking for PFAS-free packaging options while requiring the product to meet FDA and BfR requirements for food contact.

Ahlstrom customizes products to brand specifications, providing the full value chain with multiple sustainability features in one product, from using 100% natural virgin fiber with our trulyNatural™ papers, offering compostability certification, chain of custody forest certification, and additional innovative solutions.

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