Fair and inclusive environment ensures a better Ahlstrom for everyone

Fair and inclusive environment ensures a better Ahlstrom for everyone

Engaged people and the future of our environment are at the core of everything we do at Ahlstrom. We want to be the employer of choice recognized especially for sustainability, strong values, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) practices. We have unique expertise in the various types of fibers, and our people worldwide have extensive knowledge of how to transform fibers into advanced sustainable materials and solutions. We strongly believe in our ability to make a difference and want to be a part of the solution to global sustainability challenges.

Sustainability and innovation are also deeply embedded in our strategy revised in 2022. To continuously improve and innovate, people need a psychologically safe environment to learn, develop, grow, collaborate, and share their knowledge to succeed as one team. Excellent leadership is the foundation of engagement and well-being. These are the areas we focus on when building an engaging and safe place to work. Engaged people drive better business performance and customer satisfaction as well as innovation.

A global community of trust and collaboration

Working at Ahlstrom means joining a global community comprising approximately 7,000 talented individuals across 13 countries. With a rich tapestry of 54 nationalities, diversity is woven into our very fabric. We nurture a vibrant culture of co-creation and a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement. We constantly conduct research and innovate together with our customers, partners, and the leading actors in the value chain to find new and more sustainable solutions. Product design often requires joint product development with customers and sometimes takes several years to develop, and it also involves high qualification requirements and rigorous certifications. Customer relationships are long-term, and they must be mutual to be successful. In this context, Ahlstrom's engaged and skilled people are essential in building trust and partnerships with leading stakeholders across the value chain.

Becoming a better Ahlstrom for everyone

We have started a journey to ensure that our work environment is fair and inclusive for everyone, everywhere. Ahlstrom has a high ambition to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the coming years ahead. This is an integral part of our company strategy and sustainability agenda. A diverse community is a strength, providing a broad perspective for problem-solving and developing creative solutions for more tremendous success. We are firmly committed to building and maintaining an environment and culture where everyone feels valued and respected. At Ahlstrom, everyone should have equal opportunities to belong and reach their full potential.

Driven by our deeply rooted values, DEI is not just a checkbox but an integral part of our cultures and strategy. Our employees value a company culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion, which is what future employees look for. By embracing diversity, we foster a space where individuals can authentically be themselves, and where their unique experiences, knowledge, and perspectives enrich the very essence of our organization. As we celebrate our achievements, we humbly acknowledge that much is still to be done on our journey. Together as one team, we will continue to drive progress, build a sustainable future, and leave an enduring legacy that resonates with our employees, customers, partners, and the world.