Leadership matters – This is how we develop our leaders

Leadership matters – This is how we develop our leaders
Leaders play a key role in creating a globally shared culture and in ensuring successful future together. That is why Ahlstrom-Munksjö decided to create a leadership model with four leadership principles defined together with number of leaders across the company in the beginning of 2019. 
“The model helps to deliver on our strategy and defines the expectations and our way of leading people and business,” tells Tarja Takko, EVP, People and Safety.
“To turn the model into reality, we have built a portfolio of leadership development programs based on these leadership principles. These programs are: JUMP (program aimed to support our younger employees, early-talents), PIONEER (program for new line managers getting their first role of leading others), LAUNCH (program for plant managers) and LEAD (development program for senior leaders),” Takko continues. 

Coaching, mentoring and 360 feedback part of leadership programs 

The four leadership programs are tailored to the specific needs of the target groups, however, they share similarities in the learning methods. They all foster personal development based on 360 feedback as well as have mentoring and coaching built in to the learning path. In addition to the new skillsets, the programs provide a great opportunity for global networking through the workshops and mentoring.  
In JUMP program participants from across the company spend a week together learning for example self-leadership skills, coaching, cross-cultural leadership and feedback giving. Training gives them a great toolkit for future leadership roles. 
PIONEER program provides new line managers with the new skills and new way of thinking to be successful in their first role of leading others. On this program, participants learn how to apply the Ahlstrom-Munksjö leadership principles and supporting behaviors, and how to strengthen the connection to the strategy and their own role in implementing it. PIONEER also provides the new leaders with concrete tools to boost their personal leadership skills required for success.
Plant managers play a key role in leading people and performance and building company’s shared culture. LAUNCH program is targeted especially for plant managers, to support their leadership development. Participants have the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of their own leadership styles, strengths and development areas as well as to develop their financial skills. Participants will have a mentoring relationship with an internal mentor. 
LEAD program collects together Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s top leaders. It is a comprehensive program, built together with Henley Business School. This program builds capabilities in three critical areas of leadership: leading one’s own team, leading the business unit and leading the organization in the context of the local and global environment.  One of the specialties of LEAD is that it includes reverse mentoring, where young talents share their perspectives with our experienced leaders. 
“During the first year of the new leadership model there have been approximately 60 employees who have participated in these programs and the feedback has been promising. I’m eagerly looking forward to see what the results are in the years to come,” says Tarja Takko.