Printing & Writing

Served by the renowned PrintClassic paper, this market represents half of Ahlstrom-Munksjö Jacareí's total revenue.

Print Classic

In spite of the deep changes in the national market - due to the recent Brazilian economic crisis - and the societal changes of the Jacareí Unit, Ahlstrom-Munksjö has always remained stable and active in the Printing & Writing market.

In this wide market, where more than 1.3 million tonnes are sold by domestic producers*, both uncoated papers and coated papers (such as couché L2 for magazine or promotional materials) are used.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö operates in the uncoated paper market, with PrintClassic, present in many applications - from the best known, such as books, notebooks, inkjet lasers, envelopes and cardboards, to specific ones, as support for coating applications, self-adhesive facestock, package leaflets, bags and flexible packaging.

PrintClassic is recognized by the quality in both the Brazilian and Latin America markets, due to its superior performance in terms of printing and machine performance, in the different processes in which our paper is used. With grammagesranging from 50 gsm up to 180 gsm, it is produced with 100% Eucalyptus , virgin and FSC® certified fiber.

It is worth mentioning that our fiber is characterized by excellent opacity and whiteness. Added to the quality of the fiber, our production process guarantees a paper with superior bulk, excellent formation and mechanical resistance. In addition to the raw material, polypropylene film packaging provides  a great protection of papers until use. All this to ensure the high productivity and stability of the product, plus a print with excellent final presentation.

Our company is always involved in delivering a very high quality service, with the guarantee of delivery as planned and in special formats for reels and sheets, whether in skids or packages.  We also have the inventory formation service for customers with monthly purchase schedules to ensure the availability of the product and the technical service before, during and after the use of the paper.

The service of our Application Engineering and Product Development, essential for customers looking for specific and customized solutions, has also been widely used and deserves attention. As an example, we can mention the development of offset papers with superior mechanical strength and specific thicknesses, no matter the grammage, or even weight 45 g/m, which is already being tested by selected customers.

Challenge us also with new applications and needs!

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*Ibá Data/2016