The following list includes Ahlstrom Corporation's stock exchange releases and stock exchange announcements published in 2011. Stock exchange releases, stock exchange announcements and press releases published by Ahlstrom are available at the company's website.

January 2011

Jan. 14  Ahlstrom's stock exchange releases and announcements in 2010
Jan. 20  Ahlstrom to publish financial statements bulletin 2010 on February 1, 2011

February 2011

Feb.1 Ahlstrom financial statements bulletin 2010: Strong cash flow and net sales growth continued
Feb 1 Proposals of the Board of Directors of Ahlstrom Corporation to the Annual General Meeting convening on March 30, 2011
Feb. 1  Notice of Ahlstrom Corporation's Annual General Meeting
Feb. 1  Payout of the share-based long term incentive plan 2008-2010

March 2011

March 8 Ahlstrom's Annual Report 2010 has been published
March 11 Luc Rousselet appointed Executive Vice President, Supply Chain at Ahlstrom
March 18 Ahlstrom to sell Ascoli plant and assets for EUR 4 million
March 30 Decisions taken by Ahlstrom Corporation's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and Board of Directors
March 31 Ahlstrom completes divestment of Wuxi plant to Andrew Industries

April 2011

April 1 Paul H Stenson appointed Executive Vice President, Business Development, at Ahlstrom
April 18 Ahlstrom to publish January-March 2011 interim report on April 28, 2011
April 28 Ahlstrom interim report January-March 2011: Profitability improved in a challenging cost environment

May 2011

May 31 Ahlstrom completes divestment of Ascoli plant and assets

June 2011

June 14 Ahlstrom makes a major investment to wallcover materials manufacturing in China
June 17 Changes in the Executive Management Team of Ahlstrom Corporation
June 30 Ahlstrom signs EUR 250 million Revolving Credit Facility
July 2011
July 18  Ahlstrom updates outlook for 2011 operating profit
July 26  Changes in the Executive Management Team of Ahlstrom Corporation
July 29  Ahlstrom to publish January-June 2011 interim report on August 10, 2011

August 2011

Aug. 4  Ahlstrom to divest its Home and Personal business area to Suominen
Aug. 4 Ahlstrom updates 2011 outlook following plan to divest Home and Personal business area
Aug. 10 Ahlstrom interim report January-June 2011: Solid strategy execution continued
Aug. 24 Ahlstrom starts co-operation negotiations at Karhula and Mikkeli plants
September 2011
Sept. 1 Ahlstrom to launch Acti-V innovative release paper technology at LabelExpo Europe
Sept. 5  Ahlstrom's capital markets day to be held on November 29, 2011
Sept. 15 Ahlstrom to start repurchases of own shares
Sept. 23 Repurchase of own shares
Sept. 26 Repurchase of own shares
Sept. 27 Repurchase of own shares
Sept. 29 Ahlstrom's financial information in 2012
Sept. 28 Repurchase of own shares

October 2011

Oct. 3  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 4  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 5  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 6  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 7  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 11  Ahlstrom to publish January-September 2011 interim report on October 24, 2011
Oct. 11  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 18  Ahlstrom updates 2011 outlook for net sales and operating profit
Oct. 18 Ahlstrom implements profit improvement program to address underperforming units
Oct. 18  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 19 Ahlstrom's announcement under Securities Markets Act (chapter 2, section 10) regarding a change in shareholding
Oct. 19  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 20  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 21  Ahlstrom completes the divestment of its Home and Personal business area
Oct. 21  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 24 Ahlstrom interim report January-September 2011: Decline in demand impacted performance
Oct. 25  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 26  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 27  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 28  Repurchase of own shares
Oct. 31  Repurchase of own shares

November 2011

Nov. 1  Repurchase of own shares
Nov. 3  Repurchase of own shares
Nov. 4  Repurchase of own shares
Nov. 9  Repurchase of own shares
Nov. 10 Repurchase of own shares
Nov. 11 Repurchase of own shares
Nov. 16 Repurchase of own shares
Nov. 17 Repurchase of own shares
Nov. 18 Ahlstrom completes share repurchases program
Nov. 29 Ahlstrom's Capital Markets Day on November 29, 2011

December 2011

Dec. 12 Ahlstrom acquires 49 percent stake in U.S. battery separator company Porous Power Technologies
Dec. 23 Ahlstrom completes Porous Power Technologies transaction