The LabelPack division of Ahlstrom has developed Extrachrome X3, a totally new triple coated paper for the self-adhesive label market. Extrachrome X3 offers both label printers and label users outstanding performance through its superior gloss, very high whiteness and ease of printing. Ahlstrom believes these benefits can make it the preferred choice for many applications for which traditionally cast coated papers were used.
Wines, spirits, perfumes, cosmetics, fine food and personal care products demand a label that expresses their character and enhances the value of the brand. A beautiful label deserves the best that modern papermaking can offer and the new Extrachrome X3 is the perfect choice.
In addition to its high gloss, brightness and whiteness, Extrachrome X3 has superior strength to ensures trouble free die cutting and matrix stripping for the printer, and perfect labeling on fast machines for the label user.
Suitable for offset, flexo and letterpress, X3 satisfies all label printers requirements, such as runability, print contrast and excellent ink gloss. X3 is UV varnishable and has high varnish holdout that can reduce varnish costs.
Self-adhesive face stock paper is a high-tech substrate, which must perform trouble free throughout the entire process from laminating to label dispensing at the final user.
Ahlstrom's LabelPack division is one of the world's leading suppliers of release liners and face stock papers to the self-adhesive industry. Extrachrome X3 is produced at the division's Kauttua plant in Finland, which has a long experience in developing and making top quality coated papers and specializes in producing base papers for pressure sensitive labels for food, beverages, toiletries plus pharmaceutical and technical labeling.
LabelPack division
Ahlstrom's LabelPack division produces specialty papers for flexible packaging, for the self-adhesive industry and for wet-glue labeling. The division employs more than 1500 people and operates six production units throughout Europe. In 2001, the division had net sales of approximately EUR 585 million (US$ 585 million).
Ahlstrom is a leader in high performance fiber-based materials serving niche markets worldwide. Our fiber solutions are used in a large variety of everyday products for the environment, health care, transport, packaging and home & office. The company whose heritage spans more than 150 years, is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, employs approximately 6700 people and serves customers with sales networks and production facilities in more than 20 countries on five continents. Today, annual net sales of Ahlstrom's fiber solutions business are more than EUR 1.7 billion (US$ 1.7 billion). The company website is www.ahlstrom.com.