A French winner in the poster competition organized by Ahlstrom and the University of Art and Design, Helsinki

The winners were announced today in Helsinki, Finland. The first prize is either a trip to the World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan or 3,000 euros; according to Ms. Daubé's choice. The second prize winner will be awarded 2,000 euros and the third 1,000 euros.
"The competition jury had a challenging task, as the entries were of a high quality. In addition, the students handled the competition theme - Innovations that protect the planet - in a very versatile manner. Among other aspects, the jury appreciated the winning poster's down-to-earth optimism. World will change, but gradually, only by working persistently. It's good to keep the antennas up as you move forward and plan your future. The poster is very human and fresh", says Mr. Tapio Vapaasalo, Chairman of the Jury and the Professor for Graphic Design in University of Art and Design Helsinki.
The second prize was awarded to Mr. Laurent Oumezzine, from ESAG-Penninghen as well. His competition work touched the jury members, as it is seeking the balance between tragedy and comedy. The poster designed by Mr. Oumezzine challenges its audience to critical conversation on environmental issues.
The third prize winner is Ms. Emmi Kyytsönen, who studies in the University of Art and Design, Helsinki. According to the jury, Ms. Kyytsönen has chosen a bold approach, namely absurd humor. The composition is very self-confident: everything is possible. The poster does not preach, but speaks about the relationship between nature and technology in a sympathetic manner.
In addition, the competition jury decided to award an honorary mention to a poster designed by Ms. Paola Nauges, again from ESAG-Penninghen, Paris.
"Ahlstrom aims to strengthen its awareness as the leading, innovative producer of fiber materials. That's why we decided to participate in both the World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan and to organize this international poster competition. Poster is as very suitable medium for us, as the company has very strong heritage in design. In addition, Ahlstrom is the world leader among poster paper producers", says Mr. Risto Anttonen, Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, Ahlstrom Corporation.
In total, nine art and design universities from nine countries around the world were invited to join the competition. In total, 158 entries were submitted by the end of the competition time, November 22, 2004.
The members of the jury were:
- Tapio Vapaasalo (chairman), Professor, Graphic Design, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland
- Pekka Piippo, Graphic Designer, Hahmo Design, Helsinki, Finland
- Leena Periaho, Art Director, advertising agency Skandaali, Helsinki, Finland
- Jukka Moisio, Ahlstrom Corporation, President & CEO
- Risto Anttonen, Ahlstrom Corporation, Senior Vice President, Commercial operations
The best works submitted in the competition, in total 45 posters, are collected to an exhibition at Ahlstrom's Helsinki office. The exhibition is open to the public at Eteläesplanadi 14 (1st floor) daily on weekdays from January 12 to January 19, 2005 at 12.00 - 14.00.
Pdf files of  the awarded posters can be downloaded at www.ahlstrom.com > Media Center > Image library
For further information, please contact:
Tapio Vapaasalo, Professor, Graphic Design, University of Art and Design Helsinki,
tel. +358 9 75 631
Risto Anttonen, Senior Vice President, Commercial operations, Ahlstrom Corporation,
tel. +358 10 888 4166