Proposals of Ahlstrom's Nomination Committee regarding the composition of the Board of Directors and Board remunerations

Ahlstrom Corporation Stock Exchange Release 14.2.2007 at 11.15
The Nomination Committee of Ahlstrom has decided to propose to the Annual General Meeting convening on March 30, 2007 that the number of Board members remains unchanged at seven.
The Nomination Committee proposes that Sebastian Bondestam, Jan Inborr, Urban Jansson, Bertel Paulig, Peter Seligson and Willem F. Zetteler be re-elected for the period ending at the close of the next Annual General Meeting.
Johan Gullichsen has informed the Committee that after 34 years on the Ahlstrom Board of Directors he is no longer available for re-election. Therefore, the Committee proposes that Thomas Ahlström, Managing Partner, Helmi Capital Ltd, be appointed as a new member of the Board. The above mentioned candidates have given their consent.
All the nominees are considered independent of the company and significant shareholders of the company.
Additionally, the Nomination Committee proposes that the remuneration of the Board members be as follows:
EUR 5,400 per month
EUR 2,700 per month
In addition, the proposed remuneration for attendance at the meetings of the permanent Board committees is EUR 1,150 per meeting. Travel expenses are reimbursed in accordance with the company's travel policy.
The proposals of the Nomination Committee are supported by at least 10% of the votes of all the shares of the company.
The Nomination Committee of Ahlstrom was appointed in September 2006 and comprises the following members: Johan Gullichsen (Chairman), Jan Inborr and Urban Jansson.
Summary of Thomas Ahlström's CV
- Born 1958
- M.Sc. (Econ.), Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki
- 2006- , Managing Partner, Helmi Capital Ltd.
- 1991-2006, several managerial positions at Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken in Helsinki and London, most recently Head of Client Relationship Management, Helsinki
- 1985-1990, Scandinavian Bank plc, various positions in London and Sydney
- Positions of trust: 2001- , Board member, Ahlström Capital Oy
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